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Welcome to my blog! I'm Franco Ayson from Manila, yes I'm a travel blogger or more of a "wanna be" if you think that way. How I started? I started to have interest in blogging back in 2013 when we had our first Mindanao adventure, it was an intricate itinerary to come up with since the information online were scanty, back then there were only few blog write ups for Britannia, Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls itinerary until I came across a Mindanao based blogger whom we asked for help. His instructions and tips were well explained and clear as if he's been asked repeatedly, I was amazed and that's simply how I started my curiosity on what's behind the curtain, my questions were; How do they get their funds to travel almost every week? Do they get a profit out of it? Does this job really exist? These are the questions of the old me, well let me answer my self.. That depends man, ideally possible but it's all about how you work on it.

What kind of Traveler am I?

Bus ride is my favorite mode of transport, I'm a kind of traveler who doesn't mind a long drive as long as I see green I'm good, I rarely sleep during a land travel, I love being under the sun,  I never travel alone, you know it's nice to share experience with someone or at least not to laugh alone when you are having fun, I love to have long conversations with locals (more of them talking), I'm not a fan of climbing mountains but when I do I think I'm good at it, I enjoy star gazing by the beach, I also love night swimming I just hate removing all the sands from my underwear afterwards, I never forget to bring plastic bags when I go out of town coz I know I will bring my stuff home wet, I act like a child trying to reach the surface of the sea water when I'm in a boat ride, it is summer feels all year round, I travel every month sometimes twice a week and more prolific during the wet season since the rates are cheaper but then I always have to endure the massive waves when crossing an island well I'm still not used to it (will you ever get used to it when you don't know how to swim?)
I'm not a good leader, I don't organize group tours, when I hit the road with someone I always ask them to research and be familiar with the destination, I don't like anyone relying on my knowledge, not that I'm selfish, I'm just sick of the blame game when I messed up (anu ba yan kala ko ba alam mo?) na ah, not my thing anymore. If you do that don't ever think of joining my escapades again.
When I travel I travel, I don't travel to sleep in a hotel the entire day (we gotta move and have fun), I most enjoy staring at the monochrome turquoise water, like I said I'm not into climbing mountains but mountains with good waterfalls is a different story, I love taking photos (ig worthy photos) with props and everything, and lastly, I always dream to have all these that I mentioned in my hometown, Antipolo. Any white fine beach you can recommend?

Why do I travel? 

Of course we all have our fair share of reasons why we travel be it coz of a stressful week at work, spend our money to a noteworthy getaway for something we want to celebrate for, maybe a friend dragged us to discover the unknown, we want to visit a prospective destination we saw from various travel groups in facebook, it can also be a business related trip, family outing, team building, or simply just to have fun and relax. Whatever the reasons behind our adventures, let's cheers to that!
I didn't just wake up in one random day that I just decided to pack my stuff and hit the road, of course I have my story to tell. I never had a slightest intent to boast and post everything in social media for everyone to see it, feel better and belittle others. I don't show off to make other people envious. I travel to pursue  my passion and recompense the experiences I never had before, I will continue to explore the unknown and inspire the dreamers.
Few years back I was just an utter reader dreaming that maybe I can be one of these travelers one day, that I will someday write my own travel journal to influence and ignite other's passion,  it's just surreal that I'm living my dream now. I may not have achieved being someone I wanted to become (yet), I'm still on my way to pursuing my dream but I will surely get there. WE WILL SURELYGET THERE. Let's escape, relax and live life as we want it

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