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I wrote numerous articles for various wellness centers and spa here in Manila, each has its own style and technique that made them distinct on my blog reviews, and so was the recent health and wellness services I had at The life Extension Wellness Center. Located at Unit 307-311 Bell Kenz Towers in East Ave. Quezon City, it was my first time to try some of the services they offer.  By the way The Life Extension is more of a health and Wellness Center than a spa, their approach is more comprehensive to optimize their client’s well-being, they have sought after medical equipment that deliberately provide effective and far reaching impacts to achieve the client’s desired result.

Stress is part of my everyday life and I built a strong camaraderie with it, it’s going to be a lifetime relationship I figure and I just embrace it, it’ll always be there so better find a tranquil way to deal with it. At least there are places like The life Extension that makes you forget the reality and giving you a ticket for at least an hour of rejuvenating treatment, we all owe it to ourselves.


The wooden sauna looks like the real deal I told myself, true enough it was great. This was the first service I tried at The Life Extension. Sauna is not new to me, I’d tried identical services to other spas and gyms, it is only that this Bio Clarity steam bath can only fit one person at a time.
While we’re doing the service one of the staff gave us an oriented us about the benefit of having Bio Clarity if taken regularly, it helps detoxify our body and release body toxins through sweating, also the 20 minutes into a thorough steam is equivalent to 3 hours of your work out. Fantastic!

TLEI’m certain that it was my first time to try TMP, ever. They have this tool (like your lamp shade at home) that emits infrared light directly to your skin, in my case I was complaining a back ache so they focused the TMP light on my back. The sensation was similar to exposing your skin to the 7am ray of sun, it was really good, it felt really old school when you’re trying to get the heat of the sun and lifting up the back of your shirt so it can penetrate to your skin, that very same feeling. TMP is a must try.

This is one of my favorites, too.
I know not everyone is open to an idea of soaking their bodies in their bath tub mixed with activated charcoal, it may look as messy at it appears but I guarantee that it wont cause any harm to your skin, or a discoloration if you think it’ll change skin complexion, it won’t stick to your skin. The activated Charcoal Bath is an effective detox bath and a good relief for your sore muscles after a long stressful day. After I had the Charcoal Bath I thought of a way to do it at home when I realized we don’t have a bath tub. Next.

This is an hour of heaven. Seeing my previous blog reviews, I covered numerous businesses of almost the same service. I’m not new to different kinds of massage especially to Swedish massage. Again, just like the TMP, it was also my first time to try Lympathic Massage. It’s a therapeutic massage that generally helps our immune system to distribute oxygen through out our system, it build up lymph fluid that allows our body to release toxins and regulate a good blod flow too. This is surely not your ordinary massage.

And lastly I tried Diathermy, another medical therapeutic technique that uses electric current. I remember they put a gel on my back and they started the procedure using a flat rounded tool. The heat coming from equipment was soothing my back pain, I heard this is usually used by Occupational and Physical Therapist as it help restore tissues and muscle after series of therapies. This is a must try service for everyone especially those who work in a physically demanding environment, you all need this.

I enjoyed all services from The Life Extension, it gave me a completely different experience like no other. Thanks again The Life Extension for letting me try you services, I hope to comeback soon for other services I missed to try.


Bell-Kenz Tower - Unit 307-311 #127 Malakas Street, Quezon City, Philippines

Contact Details:
Call (02) 911 1314

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