The long wait is almost over thrill seekers!
The best floating water park will soon be floating in the water of San Juan, Batangas. That means an easier access for us Manileños and to all neighboring provinces, it’s going to be an insane slide and glide party for everyone. Spread the good news to all your travel squad and do not let this summer season pass without trying the best water activity here in San Juan, Batangas.

Who is Aqua Play Parks Philippines?

Aqua Play Parks Philippines is a Philippine based company that customizes and builds inflatable parks for mostly beach resorts and other travel businesses, their online presence is slowly drawing attention to travalers of all ages.

As being in the business for 30 years, APP has been working closely with Western market. Aqua Play Park started their journey in Canada, collaborated with American companies of the same market. After decades of constant improvement, innovation and hardwork, they finally penetrated the Asian market and made to establish a wider reach in Asia (China) back in 2009, this meant a wider exposure not only in the western ground but a chance for new races to see what their company has to offer. As a foreign company working in an Asian country, it became a tool to their advantage, it helped them see a clearer view and one step ahead by observing the common struggles of their competitors in the same business arena, they took advantage to improve what needed to be improved and generated new ideas.

Now, APP is known to be one of the leading businesses in its marketing territory for both western and Asian platforms, prioritizing the increase of their client’s profit and providing the best experience for their client’s client in the amusement park business. In decades of being in the industry APP has established its untainted name and reputation. It is sure to give nothing but the best and safest water playground world wide. Showcasing a whole new level of water extremes makes them stand out to the rest of their competitors. It is now taking the Philippine market, becoming known to be one of the biggest and renowned inflatable water park manufacturers in the country and has already put up inflatable parks and partnered with various travel destinations such as in Palawan, Bohol, Siargao and sliding soon in Batangas, boasting Luzon's first double monster slide, half pipe slide and 40-ft tall slide. It couldn’t be more exciting! Aqua Play Parks Philippines is continuously working the expansion of greater options for its clients all over the Philippines. APP is certainly putting the amusement park industry in hype again. 

What to expect when you visit Aqua Play Parks?

APP got loads of surprises instored for you all. They have the most thrilling and enjoyable inflatable water activities you will definitely enjoy, they feature water obstacle courses, big inflatables for water, floating water trampoline, water slides, inflatable water toys, aqua glide, etc.
There’s no way you will get bored with these amazing thrilling treats few hours away from Manila. Don’t worry because all the activities I mentioned are safe, they just still remind their guests to be extra cautious and never do tricks that would make them hurt themselves. And of course, nothing will beat a fun filled experience together with either your best squad or your family.

We brought you some photos of their sample work and what to expect in the upcoming grand opening of Aqua Play Park this April of 2019. 
(Photos from Aqua Play Park Philippines)




These days, beach resort and other travel related businesses are not limited to traditional way of escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Aqua Play Parks Philippines find its way to innovate and provide more entertaining ways to give ourselves a break and boost the Travel and Tourism Industry.

There is so much more I want to share, but for now, I better stop sharing too much. I want you all to witness and experience all these amazing activities that awaits you when you get to Aqua Play Parks. It will not fail your expectation.
I will be posting more information in weeks time to share the FAQ’s (rates, packages, and other necessary details you all need to know).

For possible business partnership with Aqua Play Parks Philippines, below are their contact details:

Philippines: 63 0917 949 1926  o
China: 011 86 186 6489 1173 
or Toll Free from America 1 800 410 4291

Email addresses:

WeChat Messaging: peterinchina58
Skype: inflate12

Or check out their website to know more about         

The photos displayed on this site are owned by Aqua Play Park Philippines.

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