Passenger Seat, Riverbanks Marikina

Before the year ended I was lucky enough to get an invite for another themed restaurant in Marikina City. I’ve seen so many restaurants in different themes trying to attract their customers and I’m so thrilled to share my delightful dining experience here in Passenger Seat, excited to virtually tour you around folks!
Passenger Seat is an airplane themed restaurant located in Riverbanks Mall, Marikina. If I’m not mistaken Dencio’s Grill used to lease this place, now it’s PS.
As a travel blogger it’s compelling to see such innovations, aside from its good food you will be entertained to everything you see inside, from its wall design crafted identical to plane’s window to other interiors suited perfectly to its theme, it seems to bring you inside an actual plane, maybe they can dress their staff like a flight attendant to completely pull it off.

Aside from its entertaining design, I also enjoyed the food they served. Let me share this, I dined to one of the popular themed restaurants in Lilac Street, Marikina, I did not not make any write-ups or blog articles for that restaurant because it was dissapointing, almost half of the menu were unavailable (sigh) and I couldn’t pretend that I had a great time when in fact I had not, of course I couldn’t lie to my readers. Sometimes, business owners oversight what needs to be done and what needs to be improved as they solely focus on a particular marketing strategy, that’s too bad. I appreciate restaurants that can be visually and gastronomically appealing, that is what Passenger Seat possesses, a cohesively designed diner X mouthful meals being serve.


The food as I reviewed were pleasingly good, they have assortment of mouthful menus. They have this “International Flight menu” where they serve European and American known dishes like burgers, pasta, fries and chips, belgian icecream, Singporean Icecream sandwich, etc while majority of the menu is locally known dishes, a represention of palatable filipino food from every regions and provinces of our country like ones in Batangas, Zambales, Vigan, Gensan, Cebu, Bacolod, Siargao, Palawan, Etc.

See the dishes they serve below:

-Batangas Lomi- 359 Family, 129 Solo
-Tagaytay Bulalo- 350
-Zambales Sinigang na Hipon- 240
-Vigan Sinigang na Lechon Kawali- 230
-Pampanga Pork Sisig- 169
-Roxas Stuffed Squid with Rice- 155
-Dagupan Dinaing na Bangus with rice- 159
-Gensan Buttered Shrimp with Rice- 169
-Bacolod Inasal with Rice- 149
-Cebu Grilled Liempo with Rice- 149
-Ilocos Lechon Kawali with Rice- 149

Palawan, Siargao, Batanes, Davao, Manila and Bohol are the group meal menus from 2-3 and 3-5 persons, ranging from 500-1200 depending on your preferred group meal menu.


Iced Tea- 40 solo, 85 pitcher
Soda in can- 55
Milo Dinosaur- 95

Shakes 125

Sorsogon Avocado Shake
Baguio Strawberry Shake
Guimaras Ripe Mango Shake
Okinawa Matcha Shake
Pangasinan Watermelon Shake


Pale Pilsen 55, 300 bucket of six
San Mig Light- 55, 300 bucket of six
Red Horse- 55, 300 bucket of six


It was a unique dining experience, I will surely recommend Passenger Seat to anyone who fancies thematic restaurants.
This place deserves my two thumbs up!

How to get there?

From Cubao, there are numerous options. You can take an FX or Jeepney heading to SSS Village or Parang, tell the driver to drop you off at River Banks Mall. It’s near the back entrance of the Mall and right across BPI bank.


Contact details

0917 837 3695

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