Luna Specialty Coffee, Makati

I'm writing another food review for my Lagaw Travelogue readers, hopefully you guys pardon all my recent blog posts, I know you all want to read my travel stories so why most of the write ups I made in the past couple of months were solely food reviews? I just couldn't go out of town, period. Food is technically part of our exciting jaunts, when we go to a place we've never been before we're sure to try the local delicacies and cuisine, eh? I guess I'm giving you a good excuse this time. Now let's cut this long disclaimer.

Have you heard of Luna Specialty Coffee? They have couple of branches in the Metro, specifically in the Taguig area, there's one in Highstreet (coz I was once a BGC office crawler) and one in Uptown, the other branches are everywhere else. There are countless of restaurants in BGC and it's difficult to choose where to dine, I don't drink coffee too so cafes and coffe shops were never my options. Not until I tried it myself, I was blinded by the thought that it's a "coffee shop" I didn't know that their menu is wider than I thought. I'm referring to Luna Specialty  Coffe Makati branch, located in Makati City just at the ground floor of Maxx Hotel. It was my first time to try their special tapa that comes in different forms, like there's Garlic Tapa, Sweet and Spicy Tapa, Spicy Pork Tapa and Crispy Tapa, apparently for tapa lovers this place was made for you. Unique to the other branches of Luna Cafe, this branch in Makati serve liquors for their customers, see the photos below. It's safe to call it a bar and a coffee shop at the same time, so you drink first till you drown then you drink coffee to help the sensation subside like they are really meant to be together after all. Just as I mentioned, they have wide bill of fare other than the traditional coffee shops.


And for the benefit of coffee lovers, they mainly serve caffeinated drinks and coffee blends. Though I'm not a coffee person it doesn't made me hate the flavorful aroma that holds around the entire cafe, my friends tried the drip coffee and they liked it. Of course they serve milkshakes for anyone not fan of caffeinated beverages, worry not.

Impressed that they also incorporated other popular street food to their menu like Chicharon Bulaklak and Chicken Feet (gourmet style), a coffee shop with chicharong bulaklak or breaded chicken feet, where else can you find that?
You'll also like the homey ambiance and the friendly staff of Luna, you're sure to enjoy your cup of coffee.



Here’s some Luna’s bestsellers:

Crispy Tapa- 295 (my favorite)
Sweet and Sour Tapa- 295
Garlic Tapa- 295
Lechon Kawali- 295
Spicy Pork- 295
Smoked Bangus- 245
Chicken Adobo- 245
Kare Kare Tofu- 250
Pork Chop- 245


Penne Longanisa Bolognese- 170
Creamy Tuyo Penne- 200
Aglio Olio Penne- 200
Chicken Pesto Pasta- 200

Coffee Scramble 190

Salted Caramel
Mint Choco
Vanilla Mantikado
Choco Peanut
Dark Chocolate


Long/short Espresso- 100
Espresso Macchiato- 120
Espresso con Panna- 120
Americano- 120
Classic Latte- 130
Piccolo Latte- 120
Irish Coffe- 140

Extra Shot- 45


From EDSA Ayala there jeepnies enroute to Makati City, tell the driver to drop you off Singian Street or A. Venue mall.
Luna Cafe is located at the ground floor of MAXX Hotel.

Better if you have your own car, you  can use waze  and pin the location of MAXX  Hotel Makati.

7817 Corner Makati Ave and Singian



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