Goto Believe- The Shalang Gotohan in Manda

To all Goto lovers out there I'm here to spread the good news! I found this hidden Gotohan haven in Mandaluyong, a place you can hang out during the cold rainy season, if you are a true goto lover I reckon the weather won't matter to you. Goto Believe introduces unconventional twist to the typical goto available in the market, it brought a whole new level of culinary frenzy, something that is surely eye-entertaining and gastronomically satisfying.
Goto Believe
Located at 630 San Rafael St. Brgy. Plainview, Mandaluyong City. Goto Believe is a chair and table in a supposed garage set up that serves gourmet style of popular Filipino dishes.
You can order the usual Goto with egg and garlic but I suggest you personalize it to your own version of their ultimate goto, there are several pinoy street food toppings you can add to the base, like Chicharon Bulaklak (Chitterlings), Isaw ng baboy (pig intestine), Isaw ng manok (chiken intestine), Calamares, Pork Belly, Tempura, Century Egg, etc. Imagine all these in one bowl? My only concern are the hypertensives, if you know you have medical condition please try not put them all together (wink). If you're coming in a group you can also try their OMG (Oh My Goto) a big bowl of goto that comes with 10 toppings, this is good for 3.
Goto Believe

Goto Believe

Goto Believe

Aside from their signatured full packed goto they also have other unique dishes I'm begging you all to try like the Dry Goto, Tokwa't baboy (gourmet style), sisig (must try), cheesecake with candied Dilis, etc. Most of the dishes are in gourmet style, so yes it's very instagramable, too! The food they serve is something that will wow everyone and will make come back for sure. I just love the food, the place, and the staff , THEY ARE OPEN 24/7!  I recommend this place to everyone especially for goto-holics. Thanks for the great dining experience Goto Believe, I'm now a certified Goto Believer!

ADDRESS:     630 San Rafael St. Brgy. Plainview, Mandaluyong City
                          0917 701 5506

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