Fly to Iloilo via AirAsia Clark!

Flying from Manila to other domestic destinations is something I get used to, I live in Taguig and getting to the airport was never a problem to me unless there’s terrible traffic congestion along major road I’m enroute to which commonly happens, this predicament somehow is a good avenue for some travelers to take other optional route. For me, NAIA is still the most convenient flight to take and most of the time getting there is easy, hence the crowd of waiting passengers is the least view I would enjoy. My recent trip to the islands of Panay made me take a breathe of fresh air when it comes to my alternative route flying to Iloilo, we took Clark International Airport in Pampanga, from Manila we drove 2 hours or less.

It was my first time in this airport and I was amazed by its undemanding atmosphere, likely because it’s not crowded that somehow lessen the eye stressing mood. The entire check-in process including the luggage check didn’t take an hour, even the schedule flight was on time. 
This year, Airasia Clark opened its new domestic routes to Tacloban, Palawan and Iloilo, providing wider options for travelers in the Northern and Central Luzon. This sets for more opportunities and more reason to travel, we should attentively check out low based fair from this new hub from time to time. If you’re a fan of Piso Fare, trick that works is always check the fare rate at this airport, you would likely ace the best fare rate you can ever imagine as most people tend to overcrowd the airport in Manila during the seat sale.

Must know: 
-  Be there on time, at least 2 hours before the ETD
-        - Have your itinerary ready for check-in
-        - Do an online check-in to save time and print your boarding pass
-        - Bring at least two valid ID’s
-       -   Make sure to bring just allowable carry on otherwise you’ll need to pay for the check-in fee
-  Do not bring hazardous substances and other prohibited items   

It's always been a pleasure and great experience to fly with one of the leading airlines in the coutry, with its larger access to more provinces of the Philippines I hope it aids business owners and people will be encouraged to travel and boost the Tourism Industry. Till our next fly AirAsia!
For cheap flights online check out their website

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