Capiz Province- Itinerary, Travel Guide and Places to visit

Our goal to this recent Panay Loop Adventure aside from basking in the tour is to capture the best of what they have in the Western Visayas. We, Bloggers in collaboration with Las Islas travel and Tours, Air Asia and Local Tourism offices of Panay provinces made this trip possible. We had a blast in Antique! I was asking myself how the enchanting beauty of Antique remains unknown, this made me think that I'm in the right set of circumstances and there is possibility to discover more in this trip and true enough, I did.

Let’s jump to the next stop, a well known mystical province in the region, the untainted province of Capiz. I heard it was dubbed as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, so before we even commence to this trip I anticipated a feast of mouthful seafood being served and guess what? We started the trip with a gala of sumptuous seafood dishes, it was divine. If you're in the process of trying to lose weight try other provinces instead, Capiz is probably the biggest place in the country ultimately prolific with seafood which we can all hardly defy (lol).



It was noon time when we started crossing out the list on our itinerary (after lunch) we embarkked to a quick boat ride to Mabaay Island, a small islet in Ivisan that boast a fine cream colored sand with crystalline water, I also like the mini sand-bar that comes prominently visible when it's lowtide, this island reminds me of Sombrero Island in Masbate. We spent almost the entire time in just taking photos, we barely gave ourselves a dip until our guide signaled that we needed to leave and catch the next stop on the itinerary.




We didnt take a dip in Maabay so it made us move faster for the next destination, Cabugao Verdant Farm. This place was set up just a little while back, a farm bed and breakfast located in Cabugao, Ivisan, Capiz. 

As we enter Cabugao Farm our guide instructed that we'll only stay here for 20 minutes, probably just a quick stop to try some signatured dishes and delicacies, check out the activities available for their guests but the 20 minutes turned way beyond that. Overwhelmed with the warmest welcome and food they served, we found out that structures at the farm including the house of the owner were made out of Yolanda ruins (Typhoone Haiyan). According to the owner they took over the property after the typhoon, severely damaged, they restored the area for a good come back, sheared trees were rebuilt and now we're seeing the product of Yolanda's fury formed in a newly formed aesthetic features. There's this short canopy connected to the reception where you can enjoy their sumptous meals, you can also harvest eggs from their farm, too. Other activities for big groups are also available.


After having refreshing snacks and light hearted chit chats at Cabugao Verdant Farm we advanced to the town and try the "Palirong", this is the local version of tricycle in Capiz. The size of Palirong is similar to the usual tricycle we see, the only difference is the roof installed. Originally Palirong is used by farmers but they tweaked its use to something more useful, this vehicle can carry up to 20 passengers according to the locals, this is something you must try when you visit the town.


Santa Monica Parish Church/Iglesia Parroquial de Santa Mónica is a century old church and considered one of the oldest churches in panay, this houses the biggest Christian Church Bell in Asia, the Dakong Lingganay (meaning Big Bell), it weighs 10.4 tons and built with 70 sacks of coins. The church walls are made out of solid coral stones that intensifies its primeval atmosphere, though some parts of the church was being renovated when we paid a visit, hence most of its original structures remain intact.




We headed to the city center to visit some other significant landmarks like the Roxas Cathedral, Roxas City Fountain, Panublion Museum, etc. Couple of minute drive from the city center was our last stop, The Palina. We arrived at the eventide so there's nothing more to see but the glittering sunset of Capiz, though the dusk slowly approaches we still managed to proceed to the river cruise, we had our dinner at the bamboo raft in candlelit set up. This is a quintessential way to end our capiz tour.


Other  places I have visited in Capiz:
Manuel Roxas Ancestral House
Rizal Monument
My afterword on my Capiz jaunt? IT WAS SHORT BUT SWEET!  

If you want to try out something new I guarantee Capiz will never fail you. The photos in this article can never give the better view to what I experienced, something even the best camera can’t capture. This trip gave me a different impression of what Capiz is, truth be told this province is far from the mystical stories we heard, Capiz is truly captivating. I want to thank Mayor Felipe Neri Yap, our guide who assisted us the entire Capiz trip, Sir Rophine Visorio. AlsoAtty. Helen Catalbas of DOT Region 6Las Islas Travel and Tours, AirAsia Philippines and Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office for letting us Capture Capiz. My experience is a story worth sharing and hopefully inspire those who are deeply skeptical to visit the province, I will surely see you again Capiz.



Capiz was my second destination in the Panay Loop, our jump off province was Antique. Past 8am when we drove to Capiz.


12nn- 2:30pm

- Patio Beach (Jump-off point to Maabay Island)

- Lunch before the island hopping

- Mabaay Island



- Cabugao Verdant Farm


- Palirong Tricycle Ride

- Sta. Monica Parish Church and Church Bell

- Ivisan Pasalubong Center

- Ivisan Museum

- Sunset viewing and bamboo raft dinner at Palina River Cruise

Las Islas Travel and Tours

How to get there?
You may contact:
Las Islas Travel and Tours
Punta Dulog, Pueblo de Panay, Roxas City, Capiz
(just right across the Roxas City Terminal)
(G) 0917-709-3856 / (S) 0939-534-0828 / (L) 036-521-0725

You can also reach:

Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office
Adress: 2nd Floor, Capiz Provincial Capitol 5800 Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines.
Tel No. (+63 36) 6210 - 042 local 133
Telefax No. (+63 36) 6212- 935

For DIY Trip:

We flew from AirAsia Clark to Iloilo, from there you take several options going to Capiz, the most common is via Ceres Bus (3-4hrs) or you can take van plying from Iloilo to Roxas. Getting around Capiz isn’t too hard, people are honest and friendly.

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