Parroquia De San Pedro Apostol, Vinzons, Camarines Norte

Discovering the other side of camarines Norte has been a wonderful experience for someone like me who tremendously admire trivialized destinations that play off the spotlight. I enjoy being in far flung destinations away from the loud noises of the city, or somewhere outside the Metro watching its city light from afar, just like what we see in the movie when couple try to escape (with their bikes) and go to the uplands watching the city from afar. Now I noticed myself saying unecessary stuff again, let's just talk about the underrated province of Camarines Norte now.

Vinzons is a third class municipality of Camarines Norte, it is always known a shadow of Calaguas Island that serves as its gateway but there's more to it than being a jump-off place to paradise. Vinzons holds one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, a 407 year old church that is evidently fundamental to the rich heritage of our country, Parroquia De San Pedro Apostol also know the St.Peter the Apostle Church.

The church is a collaborative piece of art from artists, architects and who knows who from the past 400 years, it is a work of art from people of different generations. As you enter the church you will be amazed by the entirety of its structuture, motioning your eyes parallel slowly from the aisle to its transept and the retablo will surely get you mesmerized, it was a perfection. The more you go around the church the more you discover, both left and right side of its walls are paintings from a Filipino artist Hermes Alegre, the paintings were very astonishing, it features the each day of the new novena of St. Peter the Apostle which I believe adds holiness to the aura of the church.

The next I noticed were the old coral walls of the church which I later found out that parts of the church were reconstructed, not the just the walls but some parts of the church, though most of it were the original materials and still intact. Look at the old brick they used, it's undoubtedly a solid coral wall that depicts story and history of Vinzons, if only these walls can talk I'm pretty sure it will drive us back to the past and share wonderful stories it witnessed, be it bad or good.

It was the first landmark we visited during our trip, so far it's one of the best. I got to see another underrated destination I never thought exist in Camarines Norte. I'm writing this for the benefit of other town explorers and travelers who love to unveil the other side of the province, hopefully people #ComeToCamNorte and see its hidden beauty.

I want to thank the people behind this awesome trip we had, thanks to the LGU of Camarines Norte Tourism and KatoogaPh for making this possible, for letting us experience and see the hidden treasures of Vinzons.

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