Marian Orchard, Balete, Batangas

As part of our Lima Park Hotel review we're thrilled to have Marian Orchard trip included on our tour package. I have covered resembling sites who knows how many times    and I always end up enjoying it, the best I had for instance was Villa Elma that gathered 23K shares in facebook and still counting. Well, I'm not into spiritual kind of stuff, I just thought this experience was the best token to recalibrate myself. Heading straight to our main subject, let's talk about this faith based day trip at Marian Orchard. 

Marian Orchard is biblical theme park located in the municipality of Balete, Batangas. It was founded by Mr. Lazaro Katigbag in 1980's and eventually tied up with First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH) that led them to come up with one organization Marian Orchard FAITH Association (MOFA), I realized the people behind these organizations must be brilliantly talented in spearheading a nice name. This Catholic recreational landmark serves your best option for a visit during the Lenten Season, on top of that, it is gifted with areas best to capture great memories. Upon entering the premise you will be welcomed by these magnificent looking statues ushering you to see more of what they got for you, they call it The Garden of Saints. After passing these white saintly statues another attraction will steal your interest, the second attraction is the Sacred Heart Chapel overlooking the Sacred Heart Tower that reminds me of Christ the Redeemer of Brazil, just can't help comparing.

Progressing to the inner area of the the orchard, we walk down this picturesque flight of stairs, a passage down covered with flowers. Continue the walk and you'll pass another great work of art, a giant sized stone rosary. We're glad that we were accompanied by Lima Park Hotel Officer, he knew where to capture the perfect shot, see Maculot at the backdrop? Amazing!

Let me also share that we were having this day trip in the peak of intensity sun hours, we didn't care. Next attraction is my favorite, the 14 Stations of the Cross. Each station is just close to one another, it was not as if we had to walk 2 kilometers from station one to two, it was a bit tiring but it's worth the sweat. See the photos below.

After the sweaty photo ops covering all the 14 stations it was a relief that the next spot was The Ruins, this meant to us that we can tour in a covered area free of scorching , sun, it didn't last long though. Anyway, this isn't the one in Bacolod but they also call it The Ruins here. The Ruins of Marian Orchard has this different aura, as I look at it closely I realized how many seasons and years this structure has witnessed, I was thinking maybe the first generation who had seen this already passed (if not all, mostly?) Yeah, I always have that playful thoughts. 

Before we approached the tail end of this quick visit to Marian Orchard we passed the Garden of Saints for the last time (it's the entrance and the exit) no way you'll skip it when exiting the premise. At that point of time we  suddenly realized we haven't taken ample shots to these white saints so we took as much photos as we can, I guess we had more than 50 photos but only two or three were uploaded *face palm. 

Marian Orchard Road Map

not all people goes to church every Sunday that's the sad reality we must admit so why not take this to your bucket list and somehow make up for the unattended days at church (though I know this isn't enough). Before you all think that I'm a blatherskite I will now conclude my Marian Orchard trip with two thumbs up and hopefully people to discover the unbounded atmosphere of tranquility of this Catholic Theme Park. I also want to thank Sir Happy of Lima Park Hotel for taking care of us the entire time we were here  and giving us bits and pieces of information that fed us the knowledge with regard to the history of the place.

How to get there:

We had this trip included on the package at Lima Park Hotel. You may refer to this Lima ParK Hotel How to get there.

Via public transport

- Ride a bus to SM Lipa 124php
- Take a jeepney ride to Jollibee Levitown, 7php
- From there ride a jeepney to Balete Batangas 11php

Entrance Fee: 50php
For Lipa and Balete Residence: 25php

For Further Inquiries contact Marian Orchard through their Website
Or coordinate with Lima Park Hotel

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