Lima Park Hotel, Malvar, Batangas

My mood for travel varies in flavors, I'm a kind of traveler that changes destination preference as often as I check the fridge when I'm hungry. Sometimes, I like rustic set up then it will change to something grand then in a snap I would prefer a different theme, in the fewest possible words it's never remained unchanged. Recently, I only had a weekend to spend a quick vacation so I thought of a place within short proximity from Manila with exquisite amenities and service. The hotel hunt continued until the time I was talking to a friend, just an ordinary conversation she mentioned a hotel they had stayed in Lipa, Batangas, from the way she described the detailed outline of her experience I was convinced it's a decent hotel, I also did my research (reviews and blogs) and it does look nice.Now I'm seeing my self writing a review for Lima Park Hotel, Batangas.

Lima park Hotel is situated in Lima technology Center in Malvar, Batangas  stone's throw from the City of Lipa and 2 hour drive from Manila. Another interesting fact about the Hotel is the name itself, the idea of where they got its name from didn't sink in to my logic, LIMA- LIpa-MAlvar as it lies in the boundary of these towns,  I just grinned and shook my head. The area is now under development and adding more establishments that will probably operate before the year end, the staff described the prospective development same with Nuvali's, I look forward seeing the progress of this area in a year or two.

Lima Park Hotel is a 4-star business hotel that is becoming a rising hotel in the province, aside from its short distance from Manila their clients find there hotel the best fit venue for parties, company events, corporate meeting and even birthday celebrations, in fact, we witnessed prenup photoshoot and a pre debut photoshoot in the span of our short stay. The amenities of the resort is also one of the factors of getting everybody's attention.

We spent our night in the Deluxe room, I appreciate the spacious room allowing us to move around without bumping each other. I don't mean to compare it to other hotels but having an ample space in your room is something everyone deserve especially if you're paying a sky rocketing hotel rate, that gives a fair value to what you paid for. Also, the rooms are strategically located to be very accessible to the pool and the dining area, we can go to the major areas of the hotel in no time.

The Food

If there's one thing I really enjoyed aside from the relaxing experience I had, it's the food they served, they have the Brew Company Cafe, La Terrazza and the Asian Flavors Restaurant. Brew Company is the coffee shop, La Terrazza mostly serves cocktail drinks and the Asian Flavor is the main restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the food were good but there were few dishes that standout, we enjoyed the Batangas Bulalo (needless to say why), the huge Bangus Bistek and the Vietnamese dish Po Pia Tod.

The service

This is a four star hotel so I expect nothing but exceptional customer service which they didn't fail to provide, the simple act of respect and generosity are very impacting to me. So I'm actually thinking, maybe regardless if it's a 2 star or a five star hotel, regardless of how modern the facilities are, if the staff are nice I will be pleased to give them the highest rate I can give, Sometimes I'm just after how they treat their guests that's where I will base my entire satisfaction. I'm very easy to please just wear your best smile and we're good.

Activities Offered:

Marian Orchard Tour
Kayaking at Taal Lake
Dragon Boat at Taal Lake
Jetski at Taal Lake

 I will give more details on a separate post.

Giving my overall feedback to Lima Park Hotel, I'm very glad to say that I am overjoyed with their overall service, from the room, food and customer service I must say they are giving their best effort to assure everyone's satisfaction. I've been to various hotels on different occassions and my quick staycation at Lima Park Hotel was another whole new level of experience. The hotel's rate is just right for its classification and high level of services. Lima Park Hotel is not short in providing a quality relaxation you deserve, I will give my full 5 star rating for this hotel.



- Ride a bus going to Lipa, SM LIPA or Robinson's (ALPS, DLTB, JAM), 130Php

- From SM Lipa or Robinson's Ride a jeepney going to Malvar (Lima Technology Center) 14Php

- Outside the Lima Technology Center there is a shuttle going inside the premise that will drop you infront of the Hotel, 7Php

-  Vice versa

For rates and further inquiries check out their website and facebook page.

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