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Boracay Island has always been my favorite destination when it comes to assortment of activities and sightseeings, undeterred of the negative conception of travelers, I still see the beyond beauty of this island paradise omit the traffic jam that harshly excruciates me, other than that everything is good I should say.

 I was lucky to reaped a good score for an extra cheap ticket to Caticlan, this trip was intended for an anniversary celebration, we just thought boracay is a perfect place to spend such an important event so we gave it a go. The predicament started at the airport when the airline announced a 3 hour delay of our flight, this was the worst news for someone's running late for a business appointment which I obviously missed summate the congested traffic we encountered getting to the hotel, I even suggested an alternate route to the driver but it inadvertently worsen the situation. I told myself, this isn't a good start.

I don't let this can of worms moment get in the way, it is nice that after all the incomprehensible scenes happening around you can always flip its other side and make it the way you want it, thanks to Ferra Hotel Boracay that had made all these possible, for turning the setbacks into memorable experience.

Ferra Hotel Boracay is a boutique hotel situated in Sitio Bulabog, Balabag Boracay, Aklan, 5 minute walking distance from the beach. I always choose an accommodation near the beach front for my convenience but taking my friend's recommendation I booked my stay at Ferra Hotel, I thought maybe I can try this hotel for as long as it will provide me a hassle free vacation and a good service, I believe I didn't need five star hotel to get that.

The hotel looks very modern from the outside and more that you will get impressed once you see its inside look. If you're a walk-in guest or still looking for a place to stay, I bet you wouldn't resist its welcoming vibe. The modern architectural design is very inviting, I also like the friendliness of their staff from the time we checked in till we our last day, all our requests were attended. Through their excellent assistance and good natured expression it seemed to me that they truly give high regard  to our stay. I will tell you more about in the latter part of this article review.

We had a 3d2n reservation at their Deluxe room, what I like about it was the pleasing ambiance and its cleanliness. I also had the glimpse of their other rooms which made me regret and feel envious, you know when you booked a room then you get to see the look of the other rooms which you think better than what you got? I love the interiors and the cohesive design of each rooms, the homy ambiance and security, you will surely get what you paid for. I'm really a fan of boutique hotels, I think my personality fits the concept of boutique hotels and the value for money is worth it, they are not cheap but not too expensive.

All rooms at their Boracay Island hotel are fitted with:

Free Wi-Fi Internet access
Cable TV
DVD player
Individually controlled air-conditioning unit
Hot and cold shower
Coffee and tea maker
In room safe

For prices and availability of the rooms please check their website

The Ruf Resto Bar

I consider the entire stay at Ferra Hotel a perfection, having another reason to make it extra special is just a bonus. Ruf Resto Bar was a surprise, I didn't know they have this cozy dinning area at the rooftop, it's nothing but great atmosphere, I will also give their food a two thumbs up. It is a perfect spot to relax while having your ice cold beer or a glass of wine, I stayed there until midnight.

Waffles and Bowls40

There is another restaurant that caters the guests of Ferra Hotel, the Waffle and Bowls40. This restaurant is known to their all-day breakfast menu of luscious and flavorful dishes, they provide in big servings too. The best part is the price of the menu is synchronize to its taste.

I certainly enjoyed my stay at Ferra Hotel Boracay! Before, I just visit the island when I'm craving for the spirit of night life, pub crawl and water activities, now I look forward in going back and feel the vibe of this hotel. I found my sanctuary at Ferra Hotek Boracay, see you again soon.

For Booking and inquiries please contact Ferra Hotel Boracay or check out their fb page

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