Buffalo Swing Cafe, Pasig City

I don't know how long it has been since I last reviewed a restaurant, if my memory serves me right, I think it was early this year. If there's one thing most people don't know about me probably it's my obsession to food, my niche is travel blogging (no one can argue with that) because if I wobble my career trajectory to food blogging I swear I would have tons of backlogs by now, kidding! But seriously, I always attempt to get a good shot of food whenever possible, you know when you ordered almost every dish in the menu (for a food blog attempt) but they will be served one after the other? Like the chicken is served in 5 minutes, then the other viand after another 5minutes, the rice after 15 mins and you'll complete the list of orders after half an hour? I'm very impatient to that set up, by the time we completed everything, the first ones that hit the table is already gone, or maybe next time I can just request for all the orders to be served all at once? Or take a photo of each served before the other? Well, I just want to have shots once everything's there, ready. I don't know. Me thinks

I never had an issue in choosing which restaurant to dine, or when friends ask me where to eat I let them decide as long as it serves chicken or pasta I'm good,  I'll never go wrong with it. If you're getting where this conversation's going I think you are guessing it right, in this article I will focus on these dishes (mainly) that happen to be the signatured dishes of this restaurant I'm going to feature.

Buffalo Swing Cafe is a small diner located in Dr.Sixto Antonio Avenue, Pasig City, one of busiest roads of the city. This is a small diner but with loads of surprises. Pasig City as we all know  is popular  den of food epicures, with all the food competitions left and right I doubt one business can survive by just having a so so food on their table, customers come in, walk out and never go back, Buffalo Swing Cafe on the other hand is on track for nearly 4 years now and still counting. 

I was drown beneath all the full course servings I tried at Buffalo Swing Cafe, from the Pizza dishes with selection of meat bases perfect accompaniment to their gourmet pasta recipes to loads of buffalo chicken recipes, this combo of three is perfectly overwhelming. I tried the pasta first since the smell of Gourmet Tuyo Pasta is the most inviting, I was right, the smell synchronized to its taste and my favorite among all the pasta dishes I tried, then my second best for pasta is the Salted Egg Pasta, they are equally good actually (both oil based pasta). 

Next, I tried was Spicy Salted Egg Wings, it was divine! It has this distinct flavor I couldn't explain, it's like a version 2.0 of my favorite buttered chicken in a buffalo wing style. Their Pizza dishes on the other hand were also good, I tried Four Cheese with Garlic Pizza, Ranch Buffalo and the Cajun Spice, they are all to die for flavors

After having the all the savory delights the dessert was served. We ordered the refrigerated Blueberry Cheesecake, Brownie ala mode, and Baked cheesecake ala mode. Good lord, I could not help binging on the desserts too. Speaking of desserts! They also sell baking supplies given that owner is a chef who loves to bake, it is a family owned business by the way and they all have talented hands in cooking. It reflects on the food they offer. 

The cafe is very accesible to me, though the restaurant is located along the highway of Dr. Sixto Antonio it situates in a residential area, lucky to the neighboring residents of Buffalo Swing Cafe. Again, whether it's luxury resort, budget friendly home stays, food haven, or no matter how stunning and elegant the place is, I always observe how they treat their customers and I want to thank the staff of this dishy little cafe for their great customer service that doesn't fall short. The food are delish and the people are nice, a cafe that will absolutely satisfy your taste buds!  I will surely recommend this place to everyone.

Pasta dishes start at 125, Pizza starts at 240 and Chicken Wings 145 (5 pcs), 275 (10 pcs) 535 (20 pcs), 1045 (40 pcs).

Contact Buffalo Swing Cafe for the complete list of menu:
Phone: (02) 641-2561 and (02) 341-5288
Or thru their facebook page Buffalo Swing Cafe

Hours of Operation:
(Mon-Sat) 10:30am - 9:30pm
(Sun) 5:30pm - 9:30pm

Address: #363 Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue, Caniogan cor. Liwayway St., Pasig City, Philippines

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