ManilaArt Exhibit 2017- The Philippines as an ASEAN cultural powerhouse

I don't have a bloodline of an artist, I don't even have a talent or a trace of virtuosity in me to even have the interest with the recent event I attended, I thought. ManilArt co-presented with National Commission on Culture and the Arts had an event aiding to uncover the local talents and Filipino artistry, this gives wider exposure to all young and established artists to show off their crafts in the bigger audience all from different regions in the Philippines.

I attended the event from a friend's invite, I had a clear schedule and the venue was held in the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura, 20 minutes away from home so why not go? In fact, I never tried attending such event.

Soon as I entered the SMX Aura, I dashed at the entrance of the exhibit and like a child, I was amazed to be surrounded with scads of masterpiece from our local artists.
Each artist shown its own uniqueness through the work they exhibited, I though I will get bored but I was even surprised to my self that I enjoyed the event, I was looking at each masterpiece  trying decode what's the story behind it.

Artists were Ramon Orlina, Danny Rayos del Sol, Kublai Millan, Director Louie Ignacio, Lon De Cruz, Michael Cacnio, Etc.

By the end of examining all the artist works I had my favorites. I like the uniqueness of Rayos del Sol's, the colorful stones meticulously carved in different shapes by Ramon Orlina, the Brass sculpture of Michael Cacnio, the very playful looking garbage art of Jeff Cablog and the screamingly meaningful painting of a guy inactioned his face with money (I just missed the name of the artist) I think that's very timely. In the entirety of the first art exhibit that I took part of, I was greatly inundated with all these artworks, I never thought we had so much talented artists or I should it's an eye opener for me that we can outperform other leading countries when it comes to arts and culture, that we are indeed a good story teller. The event displayed only few of the most talented artisans in our country and I know others are just out there waiting to be recognized. 

I felt deeply honored to witness such fanciful event and looking forward to see more of it in the future. I believe this event runs annually, I can't wait to see next year's ManilArt Exhibit.

Gala Night General Admission Fee: 2500Php
General Admission Ticket: 200Php
Student: 150Php

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