Nauvoo Farm Resort- Magalang, Pampanga

I just had a blissful weekend getaway and I just can't get enough of mountain resorts so why not visit another place overlooking a breath taking landscape? Could there be any better idea than spending another weekend in a mountain resort? Well, it's me who will decide anyway. How about a place 2-3 hours from Manila, you like the idea yeah? It seem to me that people fall for unpopular destinations (less crowded) and less intricate itinerary that practically save time and money, I usually receive inquiries asking tips to where they can go considering a specific budget preferably near destinations from Manila. This week I covered a good spot perfect for budget traveler like YOU!

Nauvoo (Nah-vu) Farm Resort is a 4.5 hectare newly opened resort situated at the outskirt of Mount Arayat in Barangay Ayala, Magalang, Pampanga. It is a family owned resort by Nogoy Family. We didn't expect much from the place, of course there's nothing you can rely on than the existing photos from the internet and from there you will have your judgement if you'll give it a go.  With hopes that it's worthy of all our effort we were welcomed by the embracing charm of its aesthetically pleasing scene.When we arrrived at the resort approaching the pool and the accommodation area we found a team of stylist and photographers doing a pre-debut photoshoot, Oh let me play the story backwards. When the place is new and photos are limited on the internet I usually mull over various possibilities that will turn the table around and hinder me from covering the article. I was hoping that the place is not like the other photo perfect places that once you get there you will be afflicted with dissapointment, well thank heavens I made the right choice of pushing through this visit.


Recommencing the moment we saw the pre-debut photoshoot, we proceeded to the pool area seeing the overlooking view of Mount Arayat and it was just a satisfaction, it was like "ok the pool is good, one down. Now let's see the rooms". Hop, skip and jump from the pool is the accommodation area, that's the time I could confidently say that Nauvoo farm resort is a good catch, another travel lair discovered.
We gestured a wave to the staff as we approach the accommodation area, I was welcomed by a woman who looked pleased that another set of visitors has arrived, later on I found out that she's the owner. I fell in love the moment I entered the room, it was a pretty spacious room for 12 guests, our beds were bamboo double deck beds, the furniture seemed to compliment the theme of their resort and this made me curious on what else I can see in the other room types.




We spent the entire afternoon taking photos, singing karaoke and swimming! I don't know but I'm really into unknown destinations and when we say unknown that is synonymous to being uncrowded, I  think I'm just a freak when it comes to underrated places. I just had difficulty to decide if I'll stay inside the room or I'll enjoy the good scenery outside, it's very comfortable inside, our room was nice that once you lie on the bed you would feel as if it's stopping you to get up, on the other hand, staying outside will make you feel rooted by the overlooking view of Mount Arayat. 

The Resort is also a perfect spot during the Lenten season, it’s a gateway to Banal na Bundok Shrine where people gathered during the Holy Week.

On our last day we asked Tita Lulu (Loudes Nogoy) to tell us something about the resort, how it all started and what made them choose Pampanga of all other places near Manila. It was intended to be a retirement home, in fact the Mr. and Mrs Nogoy lives at the resort  (Gumamela room), their idea was to set up a rest house in a mango farm and here where they put the resort, that's why I noticed the abundance of mango tree everywhere. Little by little they molded their dreams, executed what needs to be done and now right before your eyes you see the fruit of their hardwork, by the way Mr. Irving Nogoy is a Civil Engineer, he's behind all that we see now. Thanks Tita Lulu and Tito Bing for this experience, they are so generous to us. If there's one reason to go back (except for the place itself) I will probably go back to meet them again.

It was really an honor to be one of the first bloggers to cover an article for Nauvoo (Nah-vu) Farm Resort. Again, just like the other unknown places I have visited I enjoyed the serenity of the place, if only I could extend my stay I will definitely stay there for at least a week more. I also want to commend the staff of Nauvoo Farm for attending all our needs, they are all well trained, kudos Nauvoo Farm Resort! I will surely go back, hopefully soon. 

Thanks Sir Irving Nogoy for this shot
How to get there? 

Nauvoo Farm Resort is located in Barangay Yala, Magalang, Pampanga but there's no direct trip from Manila to Magalang. 
- Ride a bus (Five Star) to Marquee Mall 129Php
- From Marquee Mall go for a jeepney ride heading to Magalang 20Php
- Once you reached Magalang proper hire a tricycle going to the resort 100Php maximum of 4 passengers, 25Php each

Good to know info: 

Information below are from Nauvoo Farm Resort but terms and conditions may change without prior notice. 

Entrance fee: 200Php with free use of their pool.


The rate below may look intimidating for small groups/solo travelers. For small groups the price is 1000Php regardless of the numbers (3pax, 4pax, 5pax, couple, solo, etc). Small rooms are coming out soon. 

Sampaguita- 4,000Php
Good for 4 persons, 2 double sized bed, airconditioned with 32" tv, personal refrigerator.

Rosal 12,000Php
Good for 12 persons, 6 bunkbeds, airconditioned with 55" tv, personal refrigerator.

Ilang ilang 14,000Php
Good for 14 persons, 2 queen sized beds and 32" tv at the attic, 4 bunk beds and 1 single bed, 42" tv, airconditiined, personal refrigerator.

Cadena de amor 12,000Php
Good for 12 persons, 6 bunkbeds, airconditioned with 42" tv, personal refrigerator.

- Check in time 3pm/ check out 12nn the next day, cottages rates include free breakfast.  

Day Event Packages 
8AM-4PM - 8,000Php

Night Event Packages 
5pm-11pm 10,000Php

All Day Event Packages
8am-11pm 15,000Php

Event packages includes:
Use of swimming pool, function hall, barbecue grill, tables and chairs for 100pax. 

0917 467 4620 Globe
0928 672 0863 Smart


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