Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay, Laguna

With all the articles I made from the past which I couldn't cast up figures, I think it's inessential to have another introduction for Laguna, for the readers or whoever's reading this article now I suggest you dig the bin of my old Laguna escapes from 2014-2015, there you will see numerous introductions and quite a few lines that might not suffice your best interest for this province as things I shared were not really new to everyone. Let me do a tweak this time, let me give you something you might not heard before, not that I'm having a loafy day but I think it is not a secret that Laguna is one of my favorite provinces accessible from Manila and this time I want an article worth your time, an article that will cover and boost tourism and at the same time raise awareness for trivialized industry we often tend to ignore.

Whenever you dine to a restaurant does it ever crossed your mind where the food come from? Or when was the last time you thought about it? If you are to ask me, I honestly run out of care to give until I found myself in the field of greens just recently. I received an invite to join a farm tour at Costales Nature Farm in Majayjay, Laguna. Let me tell you now that I don't eat veggies so what on earth am I doing in a place like this? At first I thought I was out of place, I thought the tour wouldn't be as fun as compare to a beach getaway, that it wasn't the best place to spend my weekend and I just wasted my 2 days off work but let me tell you this, all the bubbles of assumption were far gone, I enjoyed the trip and I'm thankful for the experience.

Costales Nature Farm is situated at the foot of Mount Banahaw in the sleepy town of Majayjay, Laguna and dubbed as one of the leading Agri-Tourism destinations of the country.  As I briefly mentioned earlier I had a handful of shared itineraries for Majayjay. Even before this tour I’m already aware of its existence, I just didn’t poke my nose to see what is behind all the Costales Farm signage I passed  whenever I visit Majayjay.  I was surprised that they offer Farm Tour Packages, they even provide accommodation for varying number of guests who want to experience and learn the basics of farming, I thought it was a typical farm land.  It is a one stop agritourism destination that intensively focuses on promoting organic produce and poultry that supplies major dinning/market chains nationwide. The  Farm to table concept is also a must try when you do the farm tour. Note that all options you see on their menu may not be available as it depends on the availability of their harverst,  we need to understand the purpose of this concept, what they will serve you are the goods fresh from their farm so if your preferred vegetables and herbs are not there we shouldn’t disdain the staff unless you want them to fool you in serving herbs from a supermarket nearby which for sure they will never do.

Aside from the perk of waking up seeing the majestic view of Mount Banahaw, the best activities I found very enjoyable were the nature farm tour and the harvesting activity. Having the opportunity to learn the basic farming first hand was already a frill of luxury especially to us who are rooted to the urban environment. This event fed my knowledge to variety of farm products particularly to organic vegetables and herbs, see the photos below.

Costales Nature Farm also propagates livestocks such as chicken, hogs, ducks, turkey, rabbits, guineafowl/Bengala, etc. All the animals from their farm are nurtured and fed  in sustainable organic set up, paving the way to big corporation chains that eventually supply consumers from different regions of  the country. 

The funny part is this, they named their rabbits after Game of Thrones characters, mostly named after female characters. If you're an avid fan of the series you'll surely find this absolutely entertaining. At least now I can say I fed Cersei, I fed her a grass. 

As part of our farm tour we were challenged to do some exciting activities. We prepared native Filipino delicacy (Tupig), created our own version salad and had organic vegetable juice for ourselves, the tools and all the ingredients were provided by the management. The sexy juice is a must try! 

Japanese cucumber juice (Japanese cucumber ,calamansi and honey) 

Iced tea with lemon (Lipton tea,spearmint, tarragon, lemon, honey)

Calamansi juice (calamansi and honey) 

Kale juice (kale, calamansi ,honey) 

Banana kale smothie (kale, saba, honey, milk) 

Sexy juice (ashitaba, romaine lettuce, carrots..banana, Japanese cucumber, kale,tarragon, calamansi, honey)

Again, I'm giving Costales Nature Farm my biggest applause for the experience we'll surely never forget, honestly, I didn't expect it will turn out real fun. The staff were very accommodating and generous, all our requests were well attended smoothly. I also want to commend our personal tour guide Shaira Sebolino, she's really hands on to our group, I recommend you look for her on your Costales visit, also Jess who's in-charge of preparing our meals and of course Sir Keneth De Garcia for organizing and for making this trip to possible.  



Bahay Kubo- Good for 2, 1985Php

Villa Josefa- Good for 3, 3315Php

Villa Marcus- Good for 10, 8775Php

Villa Angela- Good for 10, 8775Php

How to get there 

- From Manila, ride a bus going to SM Calamba. JAC Liner, Buendia or Cubao - 79Php
- From SM Calamba ride a van heading to Lucban, ask the driver to drop you off at the Costales Entrance - 120Php

For Rates and Farm Packages please refer to their website:

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