Mount Purro Nature Reserve in Calawis, Antipolo

I lived in Antipolo my entire life and it has been 3 years since I moved to Taguig City. Oblivious that in years  of writing articles, featuring places no one ever heard of, held respect and admiration for different regions, and spending bucks to see good destinations in the boonies of no one knows where, it hit the guilt in me realizing that I haven't covered a single article for my hometown. It seemed I was caught red handed when I found a random reader in utterance asked me "no featured post for Antipolo?",  abashed to tell the truth with a futile realization for my blogging career I just responded "I'll have my post soon for Antipolo" with a winking right eye.

Now, I'm seeing myself writing an article worthy for my first ever featured article for Antipolo, don't get me wrong folks, I'm not writing this to cover my guilt nor tied in an obligatory post, NO! I wrote this to let you know that there are places like this in my home town, places that should stay unhidden and I, of all people must be proud of. Imagine me saying this in a resounding jovial tone in a commercial like voice "Let me take you to the blissful forest  sanctuary of Mt. Purro Nature Reserve".


Mount Purro promotes the "disconnect to connect" back to basic camp style, the management promotes forest reservation and at the same time providing livelihood for more than 70 households in the viccinity of their farm.

It all started nearly 20 years ago when "Toto" Malvar, senior owner of Mt. Purro Nature Reserve established the area for the purpose of mountain conservancy that wholly affects  Metro Manila flood basin from the water waste of upper areas of Rizal including Calawis, the reserve also act an essential part for the entire province of Antipolo. This project started conflicting interest amongst the Dumagat Tribe (the indigenous tribe of Mount Purro) and the management itself as their major livelihood years back were kaingin and charcoal production that is against MPNR goal and  values until MPNR settled to provide the needs of the people and in return, people helped to achieve MPNR's goal, both parties collaborated and made everything work for one common goal. 


Environmental Reservation

Bayanihan Sa Kabihayan

BSK Scholarship Program

Dumagat Outreach

Clean Water Initiative

Mount Purro Primary Health Care Center


They let their visitors feel the ambience of conducive accommodation that fits all number of visitors be it a corporate team building, family outing, solo travel or just a casual group of friends looking for serenity amidst the echoing bustle in the neighboring cities. When you're in this kind of surrounding you don't need much, all you need to do is appreciate all the greens and let the nature do the magic, that's what I do now, as I'm writing this article (yeah just now) a breed of bird unknown to my knowledge has just appeared in a fleet, I don't know but that was big, something that I would least expect to see everyday and never a chance that I'll see that in the city. I also recommend the full hike to the highest peak of Mt.Purro, it's just a minor climb that will only take an hour depending on your pacing, in my case it took me 40 minutes to reach the top. It was a quick haul going up but 80 percent of the hike was steep, if you're a person who rarely do this activity I recommend you wear your most comfortable attire and proper footwear for trekking. Once you reached the top you will be greeted by the sea of clouds, not as prominent as the other mountains though.

The food were just perfect, they incorporated the meals to the theme of the reserve, I had buffet meals in my entire stay and I noticed the presence of fresh veggies through every course of meals, they also serve different food options for non vegan. I enjoyed all the savory dishes cooked in a simple yet very homy style, you know when our moms call us when our meal is ready? Or we just woke up and food's already on the table? That was the similar atmosphere, the staff were very friendly too.


My entire stay at Mount Purro Nature Reserve was flooded with euphoria. The chirping of birds, the sound of crickets at night, the whiffing sweet smell of trees and grass, the exquisite loft shelter, the invigorating view of greens, the good food and the hospitality of the management itself were enough to say that I had a perfect weekend getaway. I would like to commend the Malvar Family for their undying dedication and commitment in preserving the natural world triggered by unmindful human activities, they are also responsible for the growth of livelihood of many families who are the natives of the place, as a matter of fact, they had started the housing projects for the locals. I heard a lot of stories and statements from the locals of Calawis, without me even asking, the locals (not the staff of Mount Purro) shared their gratitude for Malvar Family, on that note I considered it enough testament that this family is big hearted, pretty sure that all the blessings will return in a much bigger price for them. 

How to get there?

- From Cubao, take a jeepney/fx going to Cogeo (29php jeepney ) 

- From Cogeo, ride a jeepney (Paenaan signboard) heading to Kanto Veterans (23php)

- Once you reached Kanto Veterans you'll need to ride a tricycle going Welcome (75php) from Welcome, another tricycle going to Mount Purro (70php) 

Good To Know

- Mount Purro Nature Reserve promotes serenity and calm surrounding. They encourage everyone to be considerate with other guests who prefer peaceful ambiance.

- Smoking is allowed but only to designated areas.

- Only light snacks are allowed inside, corkage fee may apply if you'll bring your own food.

- They practice proper waste disposal.

- They expect everyone to maintain cleanliness and common respect for nature.

- They set up bonfire till 10pm

- Buffet Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) 400Php for adults, 50%off for kids 3-7.

For more details and inquiries you may visit their website: 



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