Hermana Menor Island, Sta.Cruz Zambales

Zambales is a province nestled with umpteen beach destinations specially for travelers coming from Manila and other neighboring provinces, it is a bucket full of  Immense travel hideouts perfect for beach goers. Again, just like other provinces I put aside, shrouded with my half-knowledgeness that same goes to this province. I'm not into mainstreams so I always put Zambales into non priority list whenever I'm searching for a quick escape, I prefer destinations that downplay the spotlight.

Beyond everyone's awareness is an island lies in the sleepy town of Sta.Cruz in the Northern part of the province, Hermana Menor Island. The rawness of the unspoiled island caught my attention, again through help of facebook as my search engine I came across some post in reference to the island but the information were very limited. I struck it rich that I didn't need to do the game plan, that is one of the advantages of joining a trip full of travel cracker jacks, you just do as they asked, pay your expenses and enjoy the ride. However, the weather seemed unpredictable, this can change the course of the entire trip and drain down the mood of excitement, probably the weather was not really in our favor that day. We left Manila enduring the downpour, hoping that the weather in Zambales will slightly differ. We reached Sta. Cruz after 6hrs on the road, it was not raining but the weather was gloomy, at least it was not raining.

From the jump off point, it took us 30 minutes to reach the island. I feel awful that didn't see the charm of this unspoiled paradise due to the prevailing wind and rain, we all know how the natural light from the sun unbroken by clouds contributes to the charm of one’s place, you get to see the view of luring monochrome water from your resting spot and it heightens our mood to take tons of pictures, it makes the place more appealing. Well, maybe the weather seemed to be not in our favor when we had a visit, the place isn't too bad but I know it has more to offer.
To put everything in a nutshell and cut the long story short, July (rainy season) isn’t the best time to visit the island.  The entire article isn’t about all the predicaments, the negatives and kicking a fuss. I still enjoyed the place despite the circumstances we all seized to manage, like the whacking waves hitting all our faces wasn’t too bad, infact it was fun.  It may not be as good as the other trips  I had this year,  after months of deliberating if it’s worth a visit but  one thing is for sure, I will surely visit this place again (probably not too soon).

How to get there and Expenses:

-          Ride a direct bus heading to Sta.Cruz Zambales- 450Php  (RT 900php)

-          Tricycle going to the jump of point- 10Php per head (20Php RT)

-          Boat Ride going to the island- 1500Php RT maximum of 6 passengers, in our case we were just 4    (375Php,RT)

-          We just brought our own food/snacks

-           Cottage 1000Php

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