Playa La Caleta, Bataan (Revisit)

It's been almost a year since I last visited Playa La Caleta, I still have the collection of fresh good memories from the resort. Months ago I received an invite for their beach clean up which I never tried before so I gave it a go, at the same time I was there to also check what's new several months after my visit. This time I saw significantly huge changes since our last visit; They're now in the process of setting up new rooms with air-conditioner as not all travelers are up for kitsch/rustic accommodation, the slip N slide was set up in a more thrilling slope, they also made some changes in their amenities which are too many to mention, number of guests is also rapidly increasing for the record. Before all these changes come to life I already had this vision in mind, it was not at all surprising. There's certain taste of fulfilment when a destination gets recognize and you're one of the first to see it. In the dissension of my fondness for PLC's success it made me think again, will this place stay the same after years? Well, I know the answer is a loud NO.

As suggested, it's better to leave Manila earliest possible to avoid traffic congestion (4am is perfect), the duration of travel going to Bataan is somewhat indeterminate, sometimes it will depend on the bus route so expect at least 3 hours getting there. We took Bataan Transit heading to Balanga (travel time, 3 hrs) from Balanga Terminal there are two options getting to Bagac Public Market, it's either you take the local bus heading to Bagac or a Jeepney, we wanted to try the local bus but since we  didn't have enough time to wait for the next trip we all settled to take the available jeepney heading to Bagac Public Market. From bagac Public Market we hired a tricycle going to the jump off point (Standard fare, 200Php for three passengers, duration of 15 minutes), from the jump off point there's boat transfer to the resort (standard rate, 1800Php for 10pax), boat ride was roughly 20minutes. By the way the 200Php for a tricycle service was I think overpriced for its proximity, I remember we hired a tricycle service somewhere in Tanay (whole day, shared for 4pax)  for just 1000php in a more intricate road encounter and longer journey, I  had myriad of tricycle rides in my years of traveling the Philippines so I know 200Php is too much, I know one way or the other it help the locals of the town but we are missing the point, that shouldn't be their practice and it shall never be an excuse.

Playa La Caleta is not the best island my feet  had set on, it's not even close to my top listed island destinations but this cove resort is very special to me, it has this unique charm inimitable to other islands I had visited before. Talking about what's new in Playa la caleta everything has pretty much improved, few months back everything was plain and simple, the accommodations were very limited, the resort was already loaded with thrilling activities but they added more to it, the construction of the accommodation is now in progress, they also added shower rooms, and I heard they will have more water activities soon.


We visited the island in a long weekend so somehow we expected a larger volume of tourists reckon the beach clean up event took place during our stay, surprisingly it was not too crowded as we expected it to be. After years of operation it was PLC's first beach clean up event and I'm honored to be part of it, a lot of people joined the event so it drove our motivation and easier for us to do it since everyone seemed enjoying what they do, funny thing was we arrived a bit late for the event, participants already started the clean up drive and we didn't do much for it honestly.

I had a great weekend getaway, short and sweet. Before I forgot, let me share that it was my first time to travel with my fellow travel bloggers, it was my first time to meet them yet it seemed as if I knew them for years the way we crack jokes to each other, it was just perfect. If there's one thing I enjoyed most about this trip aside from the exceptional hospitality  of the management of PLC it's the camaraderie we built during this trip, it's something that I always look forward whenever I travel (I always say this). 

Again we had a blast at Playa La Caleta! It was an epic weekend escape. It left me with another amazing experience the second time around, I just hope the improvements mentioned above are for the betterment and not wear off the serenity of the place, I know writing an article twice for this resort is another way of enticing travellers to come and visit the place but I just hope that this won’t hinder PLC to take measures in keeping this place as what it was. I would like to thank the owner Migs Camacho and the rest of the staff for giving us a well spent weekend getaway. Thanks PLC!

Breakdown of expenses:

Manila to Balanga: 200Php x2

Jeep from Balanga to Bagac Public Market: 47Php x2

Bagac Market to Lasalle (jumpoff point): 200php, good for 3 sharing x2

Boat Transfer: 1800php RT, maximum of 10 pax sharing

Accommodation: 2000 good for 6 (overnight)

Food: depends on your preference

Activities: This is optional, check out their page for the menu of its prices. 

It's safe to budget 2000-2500 (per head) for an overnight stay.

For booking and inquiries please check out their fb page:

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