Balai Loreta Resort, Sariaya Quezon

Sariaya is a municipality in the heart of Quezon province, it's not as famous as its neighboring province when it comes to popular landmarks and other tourism related destinations. When a sleepy town completely gets ignored that's when I use my travel radar and look for the best kept jewel. I don't know if it's just me or if others also does this but Facebook is I think a good alternative search engine, whenever I look for prospective travel hideout I always maximize the use of social media specially Facebook, and that's how I found Balai Loreta. 

I've been around Quezon enough to get familiarized to most of its places, if not all probably I know most of the prominent and popular travel destinations within the province so I kept searching where to spend my weekend getaway. My goal was to find a nice, uncrowded yet budget friendly place, after hours of digging the depth of google I simply gave up or I must say google gave up on me, I just turned my attention to my fb's feed then I realized the good use of search tab, as simple as that I found a nice place worth visiting, the next thing I know we're driving our way to the resort.

We left Manila 11am and reached the place 4pm, the travel was not really far, it was relatively easy, if not because of traffic congestion and if only waze didn't mess up the route we could have been there by 2pm. The best way to reach the place is via private car, I would least suggest the public transport as it is not an easy access for bus or jeepney, though it's still possible.
We were not expecting too much, prior to our visit I talked to the owner of the Balai Loreta via messenger, he was really nice and humble, he loved telling stories about his resort but I noticed he doesn't want to set our expectation high, maybe he was trying to avoid false expectations, you know an instance when someone is bragging a certain subject that you'll get surprised when it fails your expectation? I get it. Well, it was the other way around, what we saw in the picture was what we exactly had, it actually exceeded it. 

The place was very peaceful and the staff were very accommodating, the owner was even there when we paid a visit (he's really cool). The sand was brown but the water is clean and swimmable, the infinity pool was gorgeous and very appealing, the ambience was very laid back.Untitled

 Now we're talking about the accommodation, needless to say more. I like the rustic style of each room, it's very homey and comfortable. This is something worth your money.

They don't have a restaurant but it's few minute drive away from the super market where you can buy meat and some ready to eat goods.


The resort is indeed a great place to spend your weekend to, its serenity is one of the reasons why I enjoyed my time summate the good amenities and great customer service. Again, I would like to emphasize my big thanks to the owner for allotting his time to accommodate us, he's not always available and we were lucky enough to meet him at his resort when we visited, we had a real nice and deep conversation, in 30 minutes that we chatted I was bewildered and inspired that I realized this is one of the best in travel, you got to meet amazing people along the way. 

Balai Loreta may not be extremely elegant but it's not short to having great service.  No doubt, Balai Loreta deserves a 10 out of 10 rating with two thumbs up! 

For inquiries and details you may contact Balai loreta through their FB page

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