Tugawe Cove Resort, Caramoan


Another treat for those who are looking for underrated paradise, this article covers another hidden sanctuary that will draw a bait of charm to everyone who had the glimpse of it.  Tugawe Cove lies in Caramoan Peninsula, Bicol Region, extending the waters of Catanduanes, the resort emanates a congenial ambience with a touch of luxurious sense through their accommodation and amenities, reckon up the great customer service provided by their staff. I prefer this private island set up but I was just wondering why this hasn't been known to many, aside from its proximity to Manila and other distant provinces probably the rates make people somehow feel overawed, but in my 3D2N stay at Tugawe Cove Resort I assure everyone it's worth their money.

It was Thursday night when we chose to leave Manila, Tugawe is a private resort and not accessible by local public boats, they have a private service scheduled to pick up their guests from certian points in Bicol so we had to consider and work out the time of our transit. We arrived in Naga City at 8:30AM and got picked up straightaway, the proximity from Naga Bus Terminal to Talisay port was about 45mins-1hour, from Talisay Port there was a speedboad waiting to bring us to the resort, When we finally arrived at the resort I was lured by the ambience of its amazing Seascapes add up the excitement not seeing a horde of tourists congested on the beach, the amenities were quite an entertainment too, we also felt special when we were welcomed by refreshments, for me it was something out of ordinary,it was perfect. We booked the accommodation back in Manila for a hassle free vacation, after settling everything at the lobby we were assisted to our room.

  This article won't ever be equal to the experience I had from Tugawe Cove, the three days I spent in Tugawe was a pure bliss. I had seen some bad reviews and issues on their customer service, seemingly untrained resort staff, and mishandled guests but my experience was a completely different story though I have to agree on the  stairs issue, but that's just it, probably that's just one thing I don't like and it was outnumbered by the good things I'd seen and experienced. I couldn't say it's the best (I always say that whenever I visit a good destination) so I must say Tugawe gave me another unique taste of great experience, something that I will recommend to all my readers and followers without an intent to mislead.


This is a popular landmark in Tugawe, the Light House. From the lobby of the resort they will provide a shuttle service going uphill, the service is just until you reached the foot of the hill then you'll need to trek for 5mins going to the lighhouse, it's an easy trek, you can reach the light house in no sweat. A breath taking site you must not miss to see when you visit the island, it gives you the view of Caramoan Islands, Mayon is even visible from this spot. Aside from the infinity pool and the beach side, this one of my favorite spots of the island,here was where we had most of our shots.

Not only during the day time that you will be amazed with stunning sceneries and its impressive sights, you'll also enjoy the night view at Tugawe Cove, imagine a dramatic overcasted lights in the middle of dark mountainous island as shown above? There are native handcrafted lights at the lobby that sets a dramatic mood to the resort, it's a good centre piece that makes the resort more elegant, even the infinity pool has its gleeful side at night.


The food was Superb! It was a buffet style for our entire stay, that was the package we had, you may also order ala carte meals in case you like to try other menus, there are wide selection of Bicol Specialty meals, though the meals are very costly but the taste synchronized the taste of what you pay for. What really impressed me were the simple dishes that turned in a gourmet style. I first tried the Banana Fritters, it was served for all the guests when we arrived and it was great! I should have asked the chef how they do it and try make my own version here in Manila (as if they'll share the recipe). Next is the scrambled egg, I know it's just a scrambled egg but it was the best scrambled egg I tried (sorry nay). Lastly, the Picadillo- spiced ground meat (pork or beef) flavored with mixed vegetables and spices. 


Breakfast- 500.00
Lunch- 600.00
Dinner- 700.00



The accommodation is uniquely designed and constructed to satisfy the need of their guests, if you prefer to stay near the beach you may get the lakeside rooms, if you want a more peaceful ambiance and near access to their restaurant/Infinity pool you may have the hilltop or the hillside rooms. A gentle reminder, in case you booked a hilltop room and decides to go to the beach mind that you'll have to endure 100-200 steps going back to hilltop.


I would suggest an air travel going to the resort, it's apparently time saving, you can maximize you vacay  and you'll be free of hassle. It was another unplanned trip (a month of preparation) and we all know that getting a plane ticket just few weeks from your targeted date would be very costly, when I checked online the one way ticket was around five thousand. I'd rather travel by land that to pay for skyrocketing airfare.


How to get there?

There several options to get to the resort:

Naga Airport

Virac Airport 

Naga Bus Terminal

When I contacted the coordinator from Tugawe, she sent us the land transfer/boat schedule.

Naga City Land Transfer Schedules 

9:00AM Naga Bus terminal/Airport  (joining other guest of tugawe cove resort.)
10:10AM Naga Airport          (joining other guest of tugawe cove resort.)
Talisay Port to Tugawe Cove Resort 
Boat ride going to Talisay port
12:00NN  (joining other guest of tugawe cove resort.)
Cost Php 1,000/person round trip land and boat (regardless you have your private car) 

Virac Airport to Codon Port

Virac Airport Land Transfers Schedules 
9:30AM  (joining other guest of tugawe cove resort.)
Codon port Boat schedules 
10:30AM   (joining other guest of tugawe cove resort.)
Cost Php 1,000/person round trip land and boat.


I want to commend all the staff of Tugawe for making our staycation hassle free and memorable, all the requests were ttended smoothly, they were all accommodating and friendly. If you want to experience a slice of peaceful ambiance, a less crowded paradise and get the taste of exquisite staycation I recommend Tugawe Cove Resort, I'll give this place a 10/10 rating.


Note that the rates provided above may change without prior notice, please refer to their website and contact them at

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