Sabtang Island Batanes

Batanes is a renowned province in the northernmost part of Luzon, its enormous share to the Philippine culture still stands well kept through the years. Aside from its preserved architectural sites and culture, Batanes is also one of the most popular yet untraveled destinations in the Philippine because of its expensive flights, unless you're really eager to hunt seat sales I believe Batanes tour can be really expensive not to mention the prices of goods.
Part of the three major Islands in Batanes is Sabtang Island, a small municipality 30 minutes away from the main island of Batanes. The island still carries the rich cultural heritage of the province. Sabtang Island is accessible through a cargo boat called Faluwa, upon docking we witnessed the struggles of locals and boatmen from getting off the boat, getting off needs to be synchronized to the massive waves otherwise it may lead to accident, something they have to do routinely (everyday) especially to those who have their businesses on the main island, I also talked to some young locals who travel fortnightly just to get to their University that happened to be in the main island. The boat also carries motor bikes and other vehicles that can fit in the boat.

Places to visit in Sabtang:
Chamantad Cove
A stricking white sand beach in the island of Sabtang, a slightly hidden beach along the coast of Sabtang near Chavayan Village. This cove is a well-known attraction in the Island that showcases a great view of rocky coastal side of the island.

Chavayan Village
Is an old Batan village prominent to its native Batan houses, walking along the village of Chavayan brings back the rich old times that being nestled up to this day. You may also book an accommodation to some of these old stone houses for a very cheap rate per night.
Sabtang Weavers Store
Also located in the village of Chavayan, this store showcases the products of Batan. Their main product is Vakul, the signature headdress they use to protect themselves from heat of the sun.

Morong Beach
Is another well known tourist spot in the island of Sabtang, this island features a long stretched of white sand and here lies the iconic stone arch of Nakabuang. This beach is very accessible, this doesn’t require a hike downhill, once our service nippa hut tricycle parked we just had to walk couple of meters away and that’s it.

Sabtang Lighthouse

Another scenic landmark in the island of Sabtang, in fact this light house will be the first attraction you willl see when approaching the island.  It’s situated along the coast of Sabtang. The light house is somewhat different from the lighthouses in the mainland of Batanes, Sabtang lighthouse displays an appealing old architectural ambiance.


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