Tikling Island, Matnog Sorsogon

As part of my Sorsogon chronicle, we visited a nearby island across the mainland of Matnog town. In almost a shouting distance from the port of Matnog lies Tikling Island, the most accessible island amongst all the surrounding islands of the town and for that reason we got our feet wet heading to the first destination of our Sorsogon adventure. I was just having my last shift for the week, the next thing I know I'm on my way to the sleepy province of Sorsogon in the southern tip of Bicol Region. It took us almost 14hrs getting there, to regain our spirit after a ghastly long drive we decided to settle for the nearest beach possible.

It's just a quick boat ride from the port of Matnog, approxiamtely 30mins (or even lesser) you'll see this awe-inspring Island of Tikling. It showcases a monochrome cerulean like water, the shoreline is incomparable to other great beaches like the ones in Cebu or other beaches in Visayas but this beach is also close to perfection, we paid a visit in a Holy Friday yet the people coming in were lesser than the other islands in its neighbouring towns and cities, we also realized that's it's not accessible to everyone especially if you're coming from Manila, I don’t think everyone's up for a long drive and in fact there are other options that doesn't require them to have this lengthy travel.



Just like any other underrated islands, Tikling has limited supply of electricity that only operates from 6pm till 12mn, I suggest power bank is another stuff necessary when you travel this far. Though as mentioned, the island has limited supply of electricity, startlingly it has phone signal and you can even access your social media accounts, I remember one of the members of our group uploaded her photos real time and even did a Facebook live.

It was quarter past noon when we reached the island, we had our lunch by the beach and some members had their much needed naps. After hours of recharging we headed to the other side of the island, reachable in 20 mins through walking. We reached the rocky part of the island just right in time, the sun was just starting to set and the waves were crashing the rock walls, it's as if they're giving us a good show. The spectacular charm of island had left me under its spell, I don't usually go back to places I had already visited but now I'm thinking otherwise.

How to get there?

- Best is to gather a group and hire a van directly to Matnog, usually there are group of travelers from various travel pages in Facebook looking for joiners, if you're lucky to ace a slot that goes to exactly to your preferred itinerary and travel date then go for it.

- Or, you may do it yourself. Buses from Cubao or Pasay bound directly to Matnog, or cutting trip from Manila to Legaspi, Legaspi to Matnog. Bus fare ranges from 900-1000 air-conditioned type. Non ac type is cheaper.


- My budget was for the entire Sorsogon trip which will be posted soon on my blog. I chose the first option going to Matnog that cost me 3800 for the entire package (tent accommodation, food, registration/entrance fee)  it saved me time and money plus I met a new set of traveler friends.


Good to know


- Public rest room is available
- Electricity is available but limited (6pm-12mn)
- There is phone signal.
- No convenience store in the Island
- No room accommodation, just pitch your own tent
- Water is through water pump


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