Vista Tala Mountain Resort, Orani Bataan

Been seeing good feedback to this mountain resort from various websites, this made me decide to try and see it myself. Vista Tala resort is class A mountain resort located in the lush mountains of Orani Bataan, one of the premiere destinations of Bataan and becoming popular to its world class amenities and state of the art facilities well-suited to all number of visitors. This mountain resort exudes a tranquil atmosphere that makes it a perfect quick city escape. I'm a prolific beach goer but mountain resort is always a good alternative when I'm scarce of vacation leaves, this is something that corporate travel junkies can relate to. I paid a visit on a weekend, seeing the photos on the internet had me on the impression that it won't be filled to the rafters but that impression was wrong, well It's not too crowded though but that was not the scene I was looking forward to witness at the very least, you're probably wondering how we got these shots? We waited for the other visitors to leave off the pool and waited for the right moment to take these.


We left Manila at 6AM  via Bataan Transit and reached Orani, Bataan half past eight, from the drop off point (Petron Gas Station) we had to hire a tricycle going to Vista Tala (Fare was 300Php for the three of us). I enjoyed the ride heading up to the site, we felt the rushing change of altitude from a typical country side temperature to a more frigid climate.
We finally reached the resort after a 30min ride, as mentioned above I was not expecting numerous visitors, probably I sticked to the ideal discernment as based to what I saw in various blog sites and didn't consider the season, note that I also visited on a weekend so it's totally understandable.
The resort's location is a perfect blend of peaceful ambiance and first rate amenities; I won't be surprised that more tourists come in the midst of summer season. It reminds me of another mountain resort from Tanay Rizal.

What I like the best was of course the infinity pool, you know when you go to a certain destination and you somehow anticipated that it will get a lot of attention once posted to social media? I had that thoughts, yes I got tons of pm's and comments once I posted it to my personal account. Me laughing!

You may find the rate a bit pricey if you're a budget traveler, but just like what we did, you can just have a day trip enough to suffice your curiosity and experience being in Vista Tala. Well, it's worth the money.

I would suggest to go in a weekday to take advantage of the relaxing ambiance and have your photo ops without being conscious by lots of people looking at you, I know there are other travelers like us who share the same purpose when going out of town (Reason for traveling: 50% to escape/relax and the other 50% is to take photos).

I just hope they improve their service or at least maximize the use of their facilities for the convenience of their guests, I am referring to the ATV service as there are certain areas in the resort which is very distant from each other. Like when we went to a villa near the entrance, it took us almost 10 minutes to walk from the Infinity pool going down to the other villa reckon the intense heat of the sun. My friend who happened to visit the resort 2 months ago told me that they had the ATV service before going anywhere in the vicinity of the resort but now they no longer use it. Also, we ordered our lunch in advance (the consumable 200Php) since we'll be heading to the Villa we already estimated that it might take us 2 hours to get back so we ordered our lunch and provided a specific time that we'll be going back for it to be prepared without any delay (we go for swimming at 10AM and went back 12NN) low and behold we still had our food at nearly 1PM.  

After all, we still had a good time at Vista Tala and I will give this place an eight out of ten rating.

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