DEKADA: Historic Filipino Cuisine in Glorietta 3

It was weekend and I spent half of my day with my mom and my sister, we realized it's half past noon and we haven't had our lunch. Since my knowledge to good restaurants limits within Taguig (BGC and Mckinley) I let my sister dragged us to the restaurant of her choice, Dekada.

Dekada serves a wide variety of historic Filipino cuisine for gastronomes, I like how well-conceptualized it was, from the interiors to its menu. They incorporated the traditional Filipino food thru the icon of rich Philippine culture which I find very nostalgic.

We dined in a busy hours so the restaurant was fully booked and we had to queue for couple of minutes to take our turn, for our convenience the restaurant staff handed us the menu for the advance order which I deeply appreciate. 

The menu is packed with renowned Filipino dishes like Sinigang, Dinuguan, Adobo, Kinilaw, Binakol, Ensalada, Crispy Tilapia, Bulalo, Kare Kare, etc. viands that goes perfectly well with their signatured Sinangag menu, in a nutshell,  it's a fiest full of delectable local cuisine I bet you'll surely enjoy

The food was synchronized to its price, not too expensive however the food were not extraordinary. There are numerous selections, maybe I just didn't choose the best sellers, I haven't tried everything on the menu but I didn't enjoy my experience since there were so much people it's hard to move around. I even requested for an extra table since we wanted to order more but they couldn't provide, we had a big bowl of Sinigang yet our table was too stuffed with other dishes that we opted to transfer the entire bowl to smaller bowls but again that's completely understandable, maybe it wasn't the best time to dine at Dekada during its peak hours.  I will look forward in trying all the food at the menu next time. 

And for that, I'll give Dekada an 8/10 rating.


Takes Reservations

Walk-Ins Welcome

Good For Groups

Good For Kids



Waiter Service

Address: Second Lower Floor, Glorietta 3 Glorietta Complex, Makati City, Philippines

Telephone: 02 842-0131

Facebook page:

Operating hours:

10:00AM-9:00PM (Mon-Thurs)

10:00AM-10:00 PM (Fri-Sun)


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