The travelers we know, isa ka ba sa kanila?

For travel crackerjacks like me, maybe you are either delighted or dismayed with people you tagged along the trip. Maybe they were the seasonal travelers who joined a trip for brave hearts and pulled the entire plan down because they're being uncooperative. Prior to the planned trip you discussed about the rough roads, limited access to internet, limited power supplies, a not so decent shelter but still they seem oblivious of what you have discussed and rant with all the predicaments once you get to the destination.
There's another seasonal traveler who let you do all the research and blamed you when something's gone wrong. "Tsk, ba yan? Di ba ikaw yung may alam nito?", let's raise all our middle fingers to them. Another type is, the picky traveler who always desire to visit pristine and underrated beach destinations, they always decline invites to popular resorts because they either unsatisfied with the cream colored sand and water, but mind you folks, oddly once these douchebag travelers site an island that will suffice their standards they will set up a bonfire and will never clean as they go. Ironic yeah?
Above are the travelers included on the list, travelers we came across once that made our trip memorable in unfavorable or remarkable way, bad or good, they are part of it and you just got to suck it in. 

These are the list of travelers I've encountered in the span of years I am traveling, generally Filipino travelers. The traveler we know, isa ka ba sa kanila?

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