Playa La Caleta and Miguelito Island Morong, Bataan

I was never a fan of Bataan nor other destinations from this province, there's always false connotation attached to this province being located near Manila, a province not so popular for commendable beach destinations comparable to Palawan or Cebu. I just nicely turn-down invites from anyone who would ask to join me on their trip, not that it's not worthy of my time but I just rely on the photos I had seen from the visitors of the province whether a beach destination or historical landmarks which I found unsatisfyingly boring, not until I found the lush hidden paradise of Playa La Caleta and Miguelito Island, I realized Bataan has so much more to offer. 
In this article, let me present the evident potential of another underrated spot in Bataan. Let's toss aside the prevailing image of Bataan we all think of.

Playa La Caleta is a 60-hectare island located in Morong Bataan, 50-foot waterfall located at the back side of the island reachable in 2-3 hour hike, along with this island is an islet called Miguelito Island. Another popular destination nearby is Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, this will be a superb combination itinerary.  So if you're planning a trip to Las Casas why not include Playa La Caleta (PLC) to your list? It'll only take 20 mins from Las Casas to PLC.
The proximity and accessibility to Manila makes a perfect weekend getaway plus lesser tourist influx. I was even surprised why these places stay unknown to tourists. 

Everything started unexpectedly, I got an invite from one of my travel buddies for a quick getaway to Bataan, I heard Playa la Caleta long before this trip, saw photos from other bloggers (not too many) these somehow made me think that maybe there's something more to this island and I need to discover it myself. We packed everything we needed and headed to Bataan.
We always choose to leave Manila the earliest possible to avoid traffic congestion along EDSA. You can take either Bataan Transit or Genesis Bus going to Balanga, then a jeepney to Bagac Public Market, and tricycle to port which serves as a gateway to Playa La Caleta. 

We had our breakfast at the public market before going to the port, we heard they don't have restaurants or food available to the island so better have our tummies full first, yes they don't have dining facilities but since you'll be passing a public market better have your grocery done on the jump off point then let the staff take care of preparing it, not bad yeah? It seems to be a perfect hide out to escape the bustling city life.

We reached the island after 20 minute boat ride, it was a quick and smooth voyage since we were lucky to visit during a nice fine weather, the weather and the sand seemed very welcoming. The place has taken me by surprise, how on earth a place like this stays hidden to the eye of travelers? I know it's my responsibility as a travel blogger to share the piece of my experience be it good or bad but can we make this place hidden or should I give you a different route so you'll end up visiting a different island instead? Of course I would like this place to remain serene as it is  but don't worry folks all the details below are accurate and correct, I won't mislead you with the info (wink). 

Fun activities at playa la caleta and miguelito island 

Aside from the relaxing view of the place we visit, we also desire to have meaningful time and make a fun memories to wherever we go, this resort offers loads of fun activities you would surely enjoy. I listed the entertainment options you must try when visiting Playa La Caleta and Miguelito Island. 

The guy doing the skimboarding is the Bataan Skimboarding champ, his name is Jonas.

These water sport activities are all available for rent at PLC rental store along the beach. Their office headquarters is also located beside the store (see the photos below). Beach Volley and Mini Football are also available just approach the staff and they will gladly assist you with all your requests. One day isn't enough to try all these entire activities provided above so we had to stay overnight which I found very relaxing too, we made four activities on our first day (no rush) we all want to enjoy all the activities we tried and relish the fun.

Below are the photos of their office and rental store, an Eco friendly playful interior that'll make us feel the vibe of summer solstice even in the midst of rainy season.

Facilities and services available:

- PLC has 8 cottages available for their guests , each cottage can fit 6 people (non AC type)
- 5 Gazeebo huts that can fit 4 people (non AC type)
- Rental store available (camping tents, water sports)
- Common restrooms and showers.
- Masseus 
- Tour Guide
- 24/7 assistance from their staff (they're very accommodating)

How to get to PLC and Miguelito Island?

- From Cubao, ride a Bataan Transit or Genesis Bus going to Balanga, Bataan, fare is 200
- From Balanga, ride a jeepney to Bagac Public Market, fare is 47
- From Bagac Public Market, ride a tricycle going to the port where boats are docked that transport to Playa La Caleta, standard fare is 1,800 good for 10pax


200 bus going to Balanga, per head.
47 from Balanga to Bagac Public Market, per head.
- We bought 1,000 worth of supplies that lasted overnight (divided into 4 pax), 250 per person
50 tricycle going to port, 10 per person (divided into 4 pax)
1,800 for boat ride, round trip, 450 per head (divided into 4 pax)
- Cottage, ₱2,000 divided into 4 pax, 500 each person
- Entrance Fee: 100 (Day tour) 200 (Overnight)

Going Back to Manila 

50 tricycle going to Jeepney station, 10 per person (divided into 4 pax)
35 Jeepney to bus terminal
200 bus going back to Manila

I would like to commend the staff of Playa la Caleta for their great customer service ( Ate Violy and Kuya Sherwin) especially the owner of the resort Migs Camacho for attending all our needs, not only to our group but I also witnessed how hands on they were with all their guests, this is what I always look forward whenever I visit a new destination. I give credit to how they handle their customers and with my quick staycation to Playa La Caleta I was absolutely impressed, I'll give this place a ten. Thanks again PLC!

For further inquiries or reservation please contact the numbers below or refer to these links:

Mobile and Telephone number:
+63 908 888 7668
+63 2 6379148


Playa La Caleta Bataan



Recently PLC has built additional attractions to their resort, the two natural wading pools for adults and the kids surrounded by landscape with lounge areas at the side. Also in the recent event, Ridley Turtles hatched in Playa la Caleta beside the Slip'NSlide (release in the open sea). I'm excited to see more of these updates in the future!

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