Mt. Batolusong, Tanay Rizal

My article is loaded with scenic destinations from all over the country but I rarely have itinerary for an overnight hike or any sort of hiking activities in the past, probably I had no patience for long walks and assault trails or to any mountaineering terms whatever you want to call, in fact my last climb was bitter sweet and had almost gone haywire. This entry was another unscheduled trip I shove in to my schedule.

Tanay as mentioned on my previous article, is another gem of Rizal Province famous for underrated travel destinations stone's throw away from the Metro, I made this trip possible with the help of my travel buddies. Mt.Batolusong  is another must try destination for both novice and seasoned climbers, a perfect budget friendly weekend getaway for thrill seekers. Mt. Batolusong is starting to establish its name and getting the attention of travelers with its own version of sea of clouds, some tourists on Tanay's neighboring town make this an alternative destination to Pulag's prominent attraction.

The sea of clouds and its proximity from Manila are the reasons it all started, with curiosity, settling the concrete plan and the final execution, the next thing we know we were all struggling going up on its assault trail. We decided to visit Batolusong on a sunday to avoid the bigger crowd, sunday's usually the end day for most tourist since they need to snap and go back to reality, we were right! We arrived at the registration area quarter past twelve and we were the first group to log in for an overnight stay. There are two camp sites available for the hikers, you may either have Duhatan Ridge or Rangyas Peak, Duhatan Ridge is favorable for viewing the sea of clouds while Rangyas Peak is the summit of Mt.Batolusong, of course we went for the sea of clouds (we chose duhatan), it's also near Kay Ibon Falls which is a perfect sidetrip when you conquer Mt.Batolusong. The trail was manageable for newbie hikers like us though I don't completely agree with this, the trail could have been harder if we had this during the rainy season. We reached Duhatan campsite after 3 hours of bone breaking hike in a semi assault trail, we were all catching our breath on the way up, we don't remember how many times we blurted out "pu** ayoko na" and the most prominent question "kuya, malayo pa ba" and of course, for many times we heard the response "oo sir malapit na" it was like an auto recorded answer for most tour guides, eh?

We went straight to Kay Ibon Falls as we saw an approaching sign of rain, we didn't rest nor pitched our tent yet. 30 minute easy trail from Duhatan Ridge we reached Kay Ibon Falls, I forgot to ask why it's called Kay Ibon but it has a funny name, I always imagine a green worldly stuff whenever it was mentioned by our guide. Unluckily, we visited falls in a summer season when it runs out of water, the water only flows on its side which was still sufficient for our group to freshen up, Kay Ibon Falls is a "stage like" formed falls, it could be a perfect photo-whoring area, maybe we can ace to visit this falls again during the rainy season or at least when the water runs through out its huge rock formation, maybe next time.

We pitched our tent soon as we came back from a quick refreshing dip at Kay Ibon falls, we had our meal at 6pm and spent the rest of the hours with a nice conversation, not until the unexpected predicament hit us real hard, it rained, and as the famous saying goes "when it rains it pours" literally! All of us were wet even the our tent didn't make it, all our stuff were wet but at least we managed to save all our gadgets by putting them inside a garbage bag. That night was crazily fun, we embraced the moment and enjoyed the rain instead.

Hours later here it is, the famous sea of clouds of Mt. Batolusong. We made the right decision in staying overnight as the thick layer fog didn't linger the entire morning, it only lasted until 8AM. If you want a sure view of the prominent sea of clouds I would suggest you go for overnight camping. The chance of seeing the thick layer of clouds in a day hike is 50/50. 

Rundown of Expenses: 

Cubao to Cogeo- 24
Cogeo to Batangasan- 42
Tricycle to registration Area- 60 (4 pax)
Guide fee- 1000 (group of 4)
Meals - We brought our own meals/chips (Pinaksiw) It'll surely last overnight.
Tricycle to Mainroad- 60 (4pax)
Batangasan to Cogeo- 42
Cogeo to Cubao- 24

Total- 442PHP/head

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