Kitchen Central Taguig- You wait or you hate?

I'm a travel blogger and I rarely put a food entry unless it deserves a space on my blog, as much as possible I want to stick solely on posting my travel escapades but I will post this food entry anyhow.
Kitchen Central Taguig is newly discovered food haven situated inside a residential village in Taguig City. I came across a post that went viral on Facebook, a photo of delighting and sinful looking desserts incomparable to other diners I tried, I was dazzled by the classy serving of their milkshakes and colorful buns of burger. I'm also a resident of Taguig, unaware that this hidden food haven was just few minutes away from my residence.

It was a gloomy afternoon when my friends and I paid a visit (2hrs ago) I'm writing this entry with my belly full from KCT, it was my second attempt to dine at Kitchen Central, my first attempt failed when it started to rain while we were in line waiting for our turn to order, mind that the place is enormously small that more than 20 people are waiting for their turn to order. Second attempt, it says on their Facebook page that they're open 3PM to 12MN, we went there at exactly 3PM only to find out that they will start their operation at 4PM, it's ok at least we were third in queue so I let it go, finally after an hour of standing they opened the store and attended their guests, prior in getting our orders my friends and I already discussed what we want when we were in queue, we badly want to try their best seller KC Signature Shakes but these were not available even the pasta menu, they don't sell these menus during weekends so we settled for an alternative dessert instead, after completing the order we waited nearly an hour for the order to be served which wasn't acceptable I guess, I just tend to understand the situation, maybe they didn't anticipate the huge volume of visitors as it went viral on Facebook just recently, they may not have enough space on their kitchen, facilities and staff to prepare all the dishes (1hr waiting and almost an hour for our food to be served). After an hour of entertaining ourselves with fun conversation the food has finally arrived, it was weird since we ordered quite lavish whilst people outside were waiting and were all looking at us, I know they were waiting outside right before the store opens and obviously they were hungry so I felt a bit uncomfortable that they were looking while we eat.

Jr.Jograds Slider Burger

Nutty Nutella

Choco Chip Smores 

Buster Butterbeer

KC Signature Jograts Burger

Double Jograts Burger

Meaty Fries

Above are the photos of the food we ordered and its condiments, I really wish I could try KC Signature Milkshakes, I don't think I'll have the patience to wait for another 2 hours so I think this concludes my first and last visit at their diner unless they relocate/reconstruct their business into more conducive place to eat out and provide a real gastronomic experience to its customers. In totality of my experience I'll give it a 6 out 10, don't get me wrong folks, the food were great, affordable and the staff were nice to me I just don't have the grit to wait that long and I want a restaurant where I can have the convenience to go back anytime I want without waiting too long.

HOW TO GET THERE? You may visit Kitchen Central FB Page

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