Pulang Daga/Pulang Lupa Beach, Paracale Camarines Norte

Paracale is a sleepy town lies in the coast of Camarines Norte and is widely known for gold mining. Its name has always been associated with gold and reason why it's dubbed as the town of gold that started during the Franciscan Era. A town also preferably known as the jump off point for most travelers heading to Calaguas group of Islands but little did I know that Paracale has its own share of haven aside from its own Maculabo Island and neighboring Island of Calaguas.

Pulang Daga Beach Resort is another perfect getaway to unwind and recharge, I think this will also be an ideal sidetrip together with Maculabo and Mahabang Buhangin. You might be wondering why it's called Pulang Daga, don't you? Well, it got nothing to do with rodents or any mouse tales, that's a common misconception I was guilty with. Pulang Daga was derived from Bicolano word "Pulang Lupa", an ideal place to relax and enjoy the sunset while sitting on the beach floor and having a good chat with your friends or family, you can have a quick visit to Pulang Daga Beach if you're heading to other famous islands around Camarines Norte, if you're spending a day or two in Paracale town proper this place is just one ride away via tricycle, so why not pay a visit?  The entrance fee is just 10 pesos, cottages and rest rooms are also available.

How to get there:

-        -Take a bus ride going to Paracale via Superlines.

-        - From Paracale town proper you may hire tricycle going to Pulang Daga beach

Good to know:

-         - Common restrooms are available

-         - Cottages are available

-         - Entrance fee is only 10 pesos.


  1. Puxa vida devo agradecer vocês ganharam meu dia que site fantástico cheio de noticias não me canso de Elogiar já é a minha terceira visita por aqui absolutamente fantástico.

    Gir Leiteiro


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