Maculabo Island- Paracale, Camarines Norte

As I recently went over the unnamed beaches of Tinaga Island in Camarines Norte here's another entry of underrated Island neighboring Puting Buhangin of Calaguas. As mentioned on my previous article this trip has covered my third Calaguas visit and so far the most exertive of all as we leaped from one island to another. Let me illuminate a bright beam of light to Maculabo Island, an island off the coast of Paracale. On my first and second visit I just took this Island as an underlining mark that I am half way enroute to Calaguas whenever our boat passes  the island, I know there's something more about  this so called underlining mark aside from being a shadow of Mahabang Buhangin.

Although Maculabo Island is still part of Calaguas group of Islands it seemed to have its own charm that differs from its neighboring islands. Maculabo features a crystal clear water that adds beauty to its tranquil atmosphere, I also noticed its wide shoreline with powdery white sand but not alike with Mahabang Buhangin. Tinaga Island has been pretty much explored and always been the first choice of many, as for traveler like me who visited Calaguas numerous times now I think a quick visit to Maculabo was a complete  game changer since I hate a "point A to point B" trip. I see a huge potential for this island to be widely known in the Bicol region.
Being a horrible swimmer my only shot of concern was the sudden change in depth of its shoreline, like I was standing right onto a 1ft deep water and as I moved lightly forwarding the sea the instantaneous level of water dropped me to 7ft, you really have to be cautious and shouldn't put aside your safety, a gentle reminder in particular to non-swimmers like me, but need not to worry if you have friends or guide to back you up (wink). In the totality of my short visit to Maculabo Island I felt the exhaustion was completely paid off, I have another reason to visit Camarines Norte.

How to get there?

-         - Take a bus ride going Paracale via Superlines
-         - Alight at the famous drop off landsmark (Malayan Tourist Inn)

-       -   Hire a boat heading to the island. This can be an ideal sidetrip if you’re visiting Mahabang Buhangin.



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