Calaguas Group of Islands- Camarines Norte

One of the benefits of having friends from a widely known province is the chance of getting invited to their hometown better than receiving a blogger invite from some private local tourist destinations that prospects you to help them through your advertisement whether it's all expense paid or what not. The best experience is when you get to try something that the locals do, try the best of what they got from their community and do something without a restriction for being just a tourist. Nearly a year ago when I asked my friends Charene and Niño Cabral (they're actually like siblings to me) that I was dying to revisit Mahabang Buhangin of Calaguas Islands, it happened that I approached the right person as Nino is a town-folk of Paracale, the jump off point to the Islands of Calaguas. I was thrilled with the idea of engaging closely with the locals and exploring more in the province of Camarines Norte. Back in 2013 when I last visited the province and we all know how the exquisite beauty of Calaguas captured the hearts of travel trippers.
This is my so called 'badass' trip atop with all the summer getaways I had for this season (so far), in this trip I had a closer view of other potential travel destinations off to tourist radar or maybe places not thus far heard before. As part of their supposed family outing, we jammed ourselves to fit in the car, I know it was somehow uncomfortable especially for the kids to travel and sacrifice a wider space for us, also the family had to get hold of our schedules and adjust the itinerary for our convenience, it was all appreciated guys (hats off). We started the jaunt by visiting few underrated islands within the circle of Calaguas in the vast secrecy of Camarines Norte.

First stop was Sitio Sugod in Baranggay Balukbok. A secluded Island lies in Tinaga, here we found few unique establishments from the unknown owner, most part of the island was abundant with sea grass covering the sand and the beach front was ultimately inviting. We explored the island and rested for couple of minutes then we headed to our next destination

Second stop was Sitio Kabuon in Baranggay Pinagtigasan, another hidden island distant from the rowdy urban life, here we stayed longer. The front area of the island is inhabited by island locals and the other side is a pristine beach area with prominent rock formations. I was extremely delighted of having a chance to explore the island withal the island was not enough to attract its visitor or maybe it needs a little enhancement to establish a name but in my viewpoint that makes it more appealing. 

Closing the curtains of my Calaguas journey we headed to the last venue of our visit, the renowned beach of Mahabang Buhangin. It was my third time to visit the island, back in 2013 when I last visited the island and I can say that a lot has changed, from a bare island without establishments to a modernized structures with few resorts stand on the island, there are also small stores selling variety of goods. The  turquoise water and its powdery white sand were still enticing, I only got one concern, long before the increase of island visitors one of the best qualities of Mahabang Buhangin was its cleanliness, back in 2013 there's almost had zero visibility of trash debris along its shoreline since the volume of tourists increase every year apparently the volume of waste won't come as surprise, I hope whoever's responsible to this would the take notice and police the  inrising issue of waste disposal and for the visitor always remember the basic travel etiquette "Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints", this is for all of us to ponder.

I will never get tired of going back to this grandiose paradise of the south, I aim to visit the 81 provinces of the Philippines but I will always take time to give way for my Calaguas revisit. For the nth time, I'LL SEE YOU AGAIN MAHABANG BUHANGIN.


Via Bus

- Take a bus ride via Superlines heading to Paracale (8hr bus ride)
- From Paracale, hire a boatman going to Calaguas Islands (Mahabang Buhangin), better to contact a boatman ahead of time to accumulate the expenses. The cost may vary depending on how you haggle and how many attendees  are in the group.

Private Vehicle

- 7 to 8hr drive from Manila

I cannot specify the expenses that covered this trip since I was invited by a friend, my accommodation and food were free. 

Thanks Cabral Family for your generous invite, it was a nice way to begin my second quarter adventure of the year. Sa uulitin po!



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