Sombrero Island, Masbate via Alibijaban

As part of my Alibijaban Island escapade in Quezon Province, we hooked another destination in its neighboring province, Masbate (yes, neighboring province). Masbate is an island province in the Bicol Region that lies in the cross boarders of Luzon and Visayas and also dubbed as "Home of the famous Rodeo" for it is famous in their annual celebration  of cowboy/rodeo festival during the month of April. People are asking how we came up with this itinerary and was it really feasible since Masbate lies in the southern tip of Bicol Region near Visayas? My answer is a loud YES, if you will look at the map Burias Island is just quarter inch away from San Andres, Quezon. We were in a small group and only brought enough money to suffice the Alibijaban trip to begin with. Stuffing in the budget for another island visit would be very costly, since we didn't have an equal money left on our pockets we opted to combine everything regardless who contributed bigger so we can all have a smooth traverse for another unplanned itinerary, we were very keen to visit either of the islands as the proximity of Sombrero and Tinalisayan Island (Masbate) is just 2 hours from Alibijaban, we're almost there why not push for it, yeah?

 The jump-off point for our quick Masbate jaunt was Alibijaban Island, there were numbers of boatmen offering their services for Sombrero-Tinalisayan Island hopping, we were short of budget, as much as we wanted to visit both Islands we could only choose one destination and obviously it was Sombrero Island that we picked. Also, please be informed that there's another Sombrero Island in Anilao, Batangas incase you didn't know.

Our boatman navigated our way to another island paradise, you won't imagine how hard it was for us to make this trip possible, we no longer held a budget for our accommodation for that night, we were not even sure if we could make it to Manila the next day but as you read this article, obviously we made it. After approximately 2 hours a hat shaped island came into our view. Everything was worth the risk and uncertainty, the island was startlingly stunning. It offers no powdery sand but pebbled beach with a stunning prominent sand bar, the color of its water was too inviting not dip. What I like most about the island was the serene atmosphere, magnificent looking sand bar and the unexpectedly shallow water, it reminds me of Minasawa Island of Polillo omit the sand bar. A quick boat ride away from Sombrero Island is the nearby island of Tinalisayan which almost in our reach but the arrangement we had was only for Sombrero Island.

Sombrero Island is another discovery unveiled, the remoteness of the island makes it more appealing for most travelers who wish to have low pitched destination to spend their vacations, however its immense potential of becoming a premier island to visit may not stand a chance due to intricate accessibility, if you're up for coarse itinerary then perhaps you will ace to set your foot into this island paraiso. I know it will take long before I see this place again, hopefully I can visit Miss Tinalisayan next time (Tinalisayan Island).

Our itinerary was somewhat different from the usual since it's an Island hopping from Alibijaban Island (San Andres, Quezon), most of the articles I read opted the route via Manila to Naga.

Our Itinerary:

₱450- Direct Bus heading to San Andres (Super Lines), 12hr bus ride.
₱ 1500- Round trip Boat transfer, San Andres port to Alibijaban Island. (5pax)
₱ 300o (roundtrip) - Boat rental from Isla Alibijaban to Sombrero Island, Masbate. 2 hour boat ride (5pax)

Suggested Itinerary:

- Bus from Manila to Naga Ranging from ₱700 to ₱1000- via Philtranco, DLTB, Isarod, etc.
- Naga City to Pasacao Port- Van going to Pasacao
- Pasacao Port to San Pascual- ₱150 pesos,hour travel duration is 2 hours depending on the condition of the sea.

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