Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa - Los Baños, Laguna

For months I've been searching for something beyond the usual to kick start the summer fun, a place nearby to escape from the bustling echo of the city life and at the same time enjoy some thrilling activities I haven't tried before. I came across an awesome video of a guy sliding down the lake and caught myself finishing the full video of exciting treats I was itching to do, right there and then I contacted the resort and have my accommodation reserved. Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa is located in Los Baños Laguna, built and situated at the lakeside to strategically capture everyone's attention especially the seekers of outdoor adventures, a place you can enjoy in less complexity of traveling far, I honestly never thought that there's something more like this in Los Baños, Laguna. The company I work for was through a transition period and having my filed VL was a bit untimely, good thing I was still able to stuff in the scheduled sidetrip to Laresio in midst of my busy schedule. It was a weekday when we paid a visit, we en route to Los baños and left Manila at 8am, arrived at 11am, the clogged traffic along EDSA passing through Ayala was beyond my belief dnd caused so much delay, right when we passed the expressway the traffic sleekly changed. 

We were welcomed by the resort's staff. As usual my expectation of kindness and hospitality exceeded. Overwhelmed of which activities we'll first try with the full stretch wide selection of adventures, we first satisfied ourselves by witnessing how the other visitors enjoy the fun.  

The readers might oversimplified and isolate the idea of  the resort as a plain recreational area for adventure goers, Laresio offers more than just the outdoor activities but also filled with state of the art facilities everyone would be pleased. They have assortment of villas depending on the number of its visitors at a very reasonable price, apart from its unique lakeside location you’ll also enjoy the scenic overhead view of Mt.Banahaw. We get off the subject and walk around the vicinity to get a fresh look of other amenities inside the resort, after half an hour of taking photos we decided to cool off and take a quick dip in one of their pools that seemed really inviting. The rectangular pool with black flooring is their hot spring swimming pool.

Above is the photo of our spacious room, this can accommodate up to 6pax.

After a quick cooling dip, we headed to what they called “Tavern” where they had our lunch prepared. The staff were very accommodating and served the dishes well timed, my temper in waiting for food to be served is surely not long enough, for instance, we needed to hold a chat that long to get our mind off the hunger, good thing it never happened and I appreciate that they acknowledged and considered the waiting time since they only got few visitors on that day, we didn’t have to queue for 30 minutes which I really appreciate. The dishes were all good and were priced accordingly, two thumbs up.

I don't eat veggies, you won't let me dare try even a single bit of it but Laresio's chopsuey broke the ice, I was close to becoming a vegan (na, kidding).

To give you a run down of what we just did; watched the visitors enjoying the activities, we took photos of their facilities, had a quick dip in their pool and had our belly almost exploded from overeating . Now's the real deal, we then proceed to the activity area.

This was really the soul purpose of this trip, to try and have fun with their exhilarating activities. Few weeks ago we were just watching a video of a guy jumping off the cliff and sliding down the lake, now we are here to try exactly what he did.
There are two options for cliff diving, if you want to set your mood you can try their 13 feet cliff jump but If you're too gusty to try more extreme I would suggest the 32 feet cliff diving above the water, another famous attraction is the giant slide. You just have to be extra careful as it can be dangerous and make sure you're in a correct position in doing a cliff diving especially on the 32 feet length, you will need to be as straight as possible (yes, like a pencil), fall feet first perpendicular to the water,  otherwise this can get a tremendous risk of having injuries, minor injuries we could have avoided (bruises, back ache) but everything was part of its fun in one way or another, we already anticipated getting bruises after all these activities.

Other activities available are Kayaking, Bamboo Rafting, zipline, wall climbing and rappelling. After the extreme activities we had, we opted to just spend the entire afternoon in Kayaking which I enjoyed the best, the carrying capacity of the Kayak is 2 persons. We paddled until we reach the other side of the inland where we joined the local kids swimming at the lakeside, there we settled for couple of minutes playing with the kids,  I am no novice swimmer and I couldn't keep up with them. I just cannot post some of the photos because they were just wearing undies. Below is the photo of my friend with Chian.

By all means, I can give you numerous reasons why you should visit Laresio Lakeside Resort, aside from the great hospitality of their staff and fun filled activities, what I enjoyed the most was the serenity of the place, as I'm writing the article now, I know this may attract viewers and get a bigger influx of visitors but this is my right to let you know that this place exists couple of hours away from Manila,  sooner or later this will be featured to various articles online so better be one of the first writers, I just hope they would maintain the orderliness of the place. Again I would give this place a ten. Thanks Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa for the great experience. We ended the day in a relaxing atmosphere of their Villa while watching a movie through the outdoor theater.

This is a grabbed photo of rates and packages from Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa. All prices and rates are subject to change without prior notice. For further inquiries and updates please refer to this website:


- From Buendia, ride a bus (JAC LINER) heading to Bagong Kalsada,Sta.Cruz (90 pesos)

- Alight at Bagong Kalsada and ride a tricycle going to Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa. (9/head)

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