Alibijaban Island, San Andres Quezon- My sweet revisit

Fast approaching, I felt the holy week rush like no other, probably I just got a bigger circle of friends who share the same passion for travel and adventure, if only I could travel through my facebook's feed I could have traveled the world by now. Nothing new for my Holy Week escapades, just a sweet revisit to the subtle town of San Andres, Quezon here lies the secluded island of Alibijaban. My last year's cover for this Island was one of articles that transcended on my blog, by means of the article I wrote I could feel that I somehow contributed to the Island's successful tourism through the medium I've created. 

No ordinary bus this time, we were expecting a non ac type which we enjoyed better but to our surprise the ac bus was there, it was a bitter sweet moment. Regardless of the air-conditioner and a softer seat, 12 hour ride is still a 12 hour ride but that's OK. We left Manila through Super lines at 5pm and arrived at San Andres at 5am, we walked to the market and bought our supplies then headed to the port where we waited couple of minutes to look for available boatman. On my previous article I suggested not to contact anyone from the Island as it may cost them an arm and a leg just to cross the island but I figured my suggestion won't help at all, they already  established a standard rate for round trip fare for 1,500 (20min boat ride), we were also surprised by the noticeable increase of tourists visiting the island, I remember last year we were the only visitors of the island, we felt like we owned the sand bar, it's different now, people are also more engaging especially in pricing your every move, like a pail of water costs 20 pesos, renting a boat going to the sandbar is 50 pesos per head before it's only 30 pesos and if you're laziness hasn't conquered your system you can reach it in 20 minutes through walking, it changed but still reasonable.
The next morning we headed to the renowned sandbar of the island, its powering lure never fails to amaze us, the wide view of interchanging color of its water from clear to deep blue was regal and I believe one of the reasons why it's starting to establish its name as one of the prime beach destinations in the province of Quezon. 

As I expected, people were accommodating and very welcoming, the hospitality of the people was one of the reasons why I came back, their simple yet seemingly satisfied way of living gives me enough reason to admire them even more. The island is still in scarce of water and limited electricity but guaranteed that you will certainly enjoy your stay
 I'm afraid the simple life of Isla Alibijaban might soon be at risk, I just hope people would retain the true value of this piece of paradise and would not take advantage of the increasing influx of the travelers, I just cross my fingers that on my next visit the Island will still be the same and won't shrink to death in the hand of irresponsible tourists who only want to put a hashtag #wanderlust on their FB page.

09097713714- Ronnel  (for accommodation and RT boat ride).

Breakdown of expenses:
450- Direct Bus heading to San Andres (Super Lines)
₱500/day- Accommodation (for 3pax)
₱  500/pax- Food good for 3D/2N
 1500- Round trip Boat transfer, I can give you a tip to lessen this if you're coming in a small group, just send me a private message.

For details of my travel expenses you refer to this blog post:  Alibijaban Island

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