Ten Cents to Heaven- Tanay Rizal

Long since the last time I made a blog featuring the hidden impeccable municipality of Tanay in the Rizal province, I never thought I would have a juncture of another hidden paradise of serenity's abode. Tanay is home of heavenly natural attractions just a stone's throw away from the city center of Metropolis, becoming more popular to underrated destinations, be it natural attractions or recreational areas. In this article I will feature a newly discovered outdoor destination that will surely give us a satistying staycation. Ten cents to Heaven is leisure camp situated in the mountain of Tanay, it offers a grandiose view of Laguna de bay and the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre, an ideal site for corporate outings and family gatherings.

I have been eyeing this destination for couple of months now, the photos I've seen from various blogs online made it more enticing considering the location and the accessibility, I promised myself to slow down a little when it comes to leisure activities as I had enough in the previous year but I seemed not to get hold of that promise this time. so the usual; we packed our stuff the night before, had my 9 hour shift (I'm a night shifter), and traveled almost three hours till we reached Ten Cents, then we were mesmerized with its scenic view, I asked myself, what were we doing the whole time that we visited this place just now?. One of my colleagues already paid a visit week before us, they gave me a nice feedback on their getaway so somehow I was likely expecting this would really wow us, and it certainly did.

The cozy and warmth ambiance of the outdoor surroundings was really inviting, a perfect place to unwind after a long days of work summate the benefit of enjoying the place in a less crowded setting. We were also impressed with wooden furniture pieces that makes it more welcoming.

The Leisure haven is not only famous for its picturesque view of the mountain range but also well known for its zipline, Ten Cents to heaven holds the longest zipline in the island of Luzon. Different from the other cables I've seen I noticed that they hold dual cables for each line that'll make you feel more relax and secured, the technical staff are also compliant with their safety measures, they will ensure that everything's working as it should before they let you go through the cable, though I never tried riding a zipline and I still didn't but somehow I am convinced that it is safe, probably I'll try it some other time.

Ten Cents to Heaven is also a great venue for corporate team building activities, obstacle course is available, perhaps my colleagues might plan for another team building venue, I figured this place would be perfect. If you're planning to use the facilities below you must consider wearing gears to minimize or avoid accidents and make sure you wear a comfortable clothes to ease your movements. I remember when my friends tried these activities, they got minor bumps and cuts not to mention how they forceful effort to finish it,  I was astounded that they could still manage to smile, it was a fun experience after all.

I only spent less than a thousand for this auspicious day trip. I didn't ride the zipline perchance this may cost me a thousand if I did. The food was a bit expensive but it was worthy of the price. Great food, great service and the staff were very accommodating, we wonder how many calories we gained after the bellyfull dinner we all enjoyed.
We walk. We run. We swim. We slide, blimey! It was absolutely fun. It won't be long, I'll be back real soon.

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