Bukal Falls Majayjay Laguna

Majayjay is a sleepy town on the southern tip of Laguna province, a forth class municipality located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, here lies some of the unknown and underrated quick hideouts that you might haven't heard of. Laguna was never in my list of 'must visit destinations', perhaps because this has always been the first choice of many for a quick getaway. If you can't decide where to go be it a company outing or a birthday celebration Laguna is there to save you and it personally withered my desire to explore more of this place, I'll better go somewhere remote or distant from the travel goers. The disagreement of my ignorance backfired when I found out I was wrong, Laguna is just there offering its gem destinations waiting to be explored, it's just 2-3hrs from Manila would you mind folks?

Someone sent me a photo of Bukal Falls in Majayjay Laguna, a newly discovered hotspot ideal to integrate and be at peace with nature. Just pay a visit during the weekdays when the crowd has lesser influx. Oblivious of the date and the event I  chose to visit the falls on my rest day that happened to be a holiday (Feb 25) that made the crowd level really intense, good thing that we were the fourth group to arrive I was able to capture the serene beauty of Bukal Falls, minutes later the place was becoming enormously crowded that I couldn't even take a selfie, I mean a selfie without people on the background, we all wanted to be in a less crowded place so I guess they thought likewise.

5am when we headed to Jac Liner Buendia Station bound to Sta. Cruz. I always love to travel a dusky trip and watch the sun rises,it refreshes my mind from my hectic cubicle life of today. 2 hours later we arrived in Sta.Cruz, Laguna, rode a tricycle to jeepney terminal where we had our breakfast, we didn't bring a snack so we thought of not having an empty stomach before approaching the activity of 1 hour hike. Thenafter we took a jeepney ride headed to Majayjay and from Majayjay another tricycle ride to the registration area, the entire duration of the trip from Manila to the entry point took us three hours. We started the hike once we finished settling the payment at the registration, clueless of what's waiting down the road.

The hike contains an assortment of easy and intricate trail going up and down until the rain became firmer that made the trek even harder. We couldn't even keep a speedy walk otherwise we might stumble down slope, we had to be extra careful in each step otherwise we'll end up scar-faced with broken legs. We reached the main-point after an hour of muddy trek, my exhaustion was all worth it when I saw the scenic view of Bukal Falls. I was deceived seeing the photos from the other blogs, notice that the rocks under underneath the water are all visible in the photos it was safe to assume that it's just 3-4 feet and to my surprise I figured that it was around 6 feet.

I didn't enjoy the falls as much as I enjoyed the other falls I had not because it's not good enough but because of the significant impending number of tourist whose also visiting the area, as a matter of fact this is one of the best falls I've visited in Luzon. I didn't spend so much time and quickly go back when I observed that the rain becomes heavier and fast approaching. I wish I can go back in a lesser crowd next time. Bukal Falls was really stunning, people were really nice and welcoming, and yes I will surely go back. 

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