Sibadan Fish Cage, Hinatuan Surigao del Sur

Somehow I consider myself a food enthusiast (at least on my figure you can tell), I've dined into several fancy/simple restaurants and so far I haven't bumped into a restaurant this good, it's not as fancy as the other restaurants around the metro but have you ever been in a restaurant on stilts situated right in the middle of the sea in any part of Metro Manila? I would not expect a "yes" as an answer.

Sibandan Fish Cage is another eye catching destination along with the famous Enchanted River. Situated in Port Lamon Surigao Del Sur, Sibadan Fish Cage is a wooden floating restaurant that offers a non costly accommodation and of course a wide selection satisfyingly scrumptous seafood menu that you may ask the staff to prepare for you, in less than a thousand you can already enjoy a delightful treat of seafood feast good for 4 sharing. It was my second time in Hinatuan when I got the chance to drop at the floating restaurant, when I first visited Hinatuan there was a storm signal number two and pushing through the itinerary of visiting the restaurant was a bit risky, so we just dropped it. Luckily, everything went well on my second visit.  No more bumpy rides when we were heading to Enchanted River.

Above is the docking area to Sibadan Fish Cage, the area that connects Enchanted river to the sea.

And if you think it's just a floating restaurant that offers accommodation, let me tell you that they also allow visitors to swim with the fish in the aquarium like set up, where they get there fish produce. In this page you see my friend that seemed really having a YOLO moment with a Stingray (no sting), they provide life jackets without additional charges. 

For inqueries or reservation you may contact these numbers.


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