Maxima Aquafun Resort, Samal Island Davao City

If there's one city in the Philippines you would dub the land of the ordinance and peace, what would it be? We'll have our own bet I know but I'll give it to Davao. In the contrary to my statement, October 2015 when we heard the incident of kidnapping of the foreign visitors in Davao City but regardless of what has happened I still consider it as the city with most disciplined people. Our excitement drains down, we planned ahead for our trip and just right in time the mischap turned the table around. Who would visit Samal Island after the abduction? Let me raise my hand! I thought of going anyhow since I'm a least target, I'm dark and short, who would think I'm a visitor or a foreigner? I've visited numerous provinces in our country and even the locals always mistaken me as one of them (a bit offensive) hahaha.

As stated to my Surigao 2015 trip, we slashed out the entire planned itinerary, thought of alternative place to visit and had our Davao trip at the end of everything. Despite of the terrorist issues we managed to get a glimpse of Davao City and the near Island (Samal) which also part of Davao, just a minute boat ride from the city. Only two of us agreed and settled to push for Samal Island, just a quick visit to the island to suffice our Davao escapade. We didn't have much time left to visit the totality of great destinations in the island, so thought of the best. Since we had enough of beaches and falls, we resolved to go at Maxima AquaFun Resort. An adventure haven, a paradise of maximal hype.

15-20minutes from the port of Davao we reached Samal Island, from the Samal Port we hired a motorcycle heading to Maxima Aquafun Resort, 150Php for both of us. It took us half an hour going to the resort and we almost got our skin grilled by the scorching sun (almost). Soon after we settled the fees without delay, we started the ball rolling.  Right then and there we tried the Giant Slide, the next thing I know I’m seeing myself sliding down the sea, and it was fun. We dashed and left Island in 2 hours as we needed to prepare for our flight. We dashed and left Island in 2 hours as we needed to prepare for our flight. It was a quick Samal getaway and I badly want to explore more of its hidden paradise far distant from the hurly-burly crowd in the Metro. I promised myself to go back next year, I’ll see you again soon Samal Island

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