Surigao Del Sur 1 day itinerary

My desire of revisiting Surigao Del Sur's enchanted river has been on standby since 2013 when I first visited the place and captured my heart. I still remember my scary first dip and how bumpy the ride was during our first encounter that I never thought I would see it again real soon, we never really planned to redirect our trip to Surigao though we had a slight idea of returning back but we just wanted to focus and explore Davao this time, I figured it turned out differently and stir the wheel when group of foreign tourists got abducted in Samal Island latterly. We were all aghast and terror stricken when we heard the news about the recent abduction, this has been planned couple of months ago and planning for new itinerary was not in our option, we encouraged ourselves by thinking of heighten security alert foreseen due to the despairing incident, our group altered the itinerary and had our first two days in Surigao instead, thereafter the Davao getaway.

My friends and I booked a flight to Davao nearly six months ago, from davao International Airport we headed to Ecoland Bus Terminal bound to Mangagoy Surigao Del Sur, due to our flight schedule we missed a direct trip to our destination and opted to get a cutting trip from San Franz to Mangagoy instead, the entire journey took roughly six hours. Booking a decent hotel in Mangagoy wasn't really difficult, mentioned that it was not my first time so I'm familiar of where to go, after an hour of charging up we directed the trip to Hinatuan (no nap), we rode a public van and drove forty five minutes to Hinatuan bus stop where we hired two Habal Habal (motorbikes)for an entire day trip that include: Enchanted River, Sibadan Fishcage, Sarsoza Ponta Cave and Britannia Islets. As an alternative option you may take a bus ride from Mangagoy to Hinatuan via Bachelor Bus, the fare is pretty much the same.


It was 4pm when we headed to our last stop, I was uncertain if we could still make it to San AGustin as the afternoon cloud was gloomy and overcasted, mind that it could take 45mins to 1 hour to reach san Agustin from Hinatuan (via motorbike) reckon the registration and the boat ride from Island to Island, we had until 5pm to appreciate everything of Britannia Islets, what's there to see at 6pm? as things went unplanned we didn't get a sufficient time to explore most of the islands in Britannia, yet we enjoyed the quick visit in Hagonoy and Boslon Islands, the looming rain shower added a dramatic aura on the islands we visited.

Britannia Islets in San Agustin brought down the curtain for my second Surigao Del Sur jaunt. The beautiful places of the province never put my expectations down (as always), these photos cannot give enough justice to the heart stopping experiences and sightseer destinations I've witnessed, the warm hospitality of the people that made our stay extra memorable, things I'll surely tell to anyone who would visit the sleepy towns of Surigao Del Sur.

How to go there:

From Butuan:

- Bus ride to Hinatuan, note that buses to Mangagoy will pass the town of Hinatuan, 200 (non aircon bus). Travel time is roughly 5hours

From Davao

- From ecoland bus terminal catch the latest schedule at 4pm going to Mangagoy, 250php and travel time is 6 hours

- If in any case you miss the direct trip to Mangagoy you may take a connecting trip from Davao to San Franz (6hours), then San Franz to Mangagoy 2 hours).

Day trip is possible, just hire a habal habal (motorbike) to explore your preferred destinations, in our case we  omitted Tinuy-an Falls in our itinerary.

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