Oslob Whale Shark Watching, the encounter with Gentle Giants.

I've seen enough to testify that our country is indeed rich with remarkable destination paradise, an eye candy for backpackers and brave hearts. In connection with that I recently came across a unique travel haven that impresses it's visitor, a sanctum of diverse culture and highly recommended spot to befriend with nature.

Municapality of Oslob in Cebu City offers a great deal of fun and exciting activities that will make you crave for more this place will surely give you the desire to plan for part two adventure. One of the leading attractions in Oslob is the Whale Shark watching , for me when you say "Oslob" the first thing that pops in my head is this activity, of course Donsol, Sorsogon is also in the running but let give the spotlight to Oslob for now.

Who among you had the chance to swim with Whale Shark? let me raise my own hand because I just recently did and yes I'm bragging. I never had the wealth to expense such trip before, my family couldn't even support my daily finances back in college wondered that I might end up killing my self with frustrations but snap! Here I am now, writing this article to give you guys a fair share of my happy experience, no more dramas let's stick with Oslob.

Whale Shark Watching. Schedules at 6am daily with a quick briefing of nopes and dopes.
Reminders upon the encounter:

Swim at least 4 meters away from the Gentle Giants

Do not touch

Feeding is prohibited

Turn off the flash of your camera, note that they are sensitive of lights

Always wear your life jacket especially when you’re not an expert Diver/swimmer

Do not apply sunblock, it contains formula that may be hazardous to the Whale Shark


₱500- Whale Shark Encounter Fee, snorkeling with complete gears (for Filipinos)

₱300- Whale Shark Encounter Fee, watching only (for Filipinos)

₱500- Whale Shark Encounter, watching only (for Foreign Guests)

₱1000- Whale Shark Encounter Fee, snorkeling with complete gears (for Foreign Guests)

Oslob hosts a big number of accommodations along its coast, be it first class, 2 star accommodation or even backpackers types are available. We stayed at MB's Sunrise View Resort, ₱1,500 for 3pax.

MB's Sunrise View Contact Info

- 09065869895
- 09232971176

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