The Unspoiled Islands of Polillo, Quezon.

Quezon Province is a melting pot of exquisite globejotter paradise, a conflation of sightseer destinations and ethnic diversity that unquestionably convey the reasons why it has always been a favored province to visit in the Island of Luzon. Polillo Island lies in the eastern coast of Luzon, located in the northeast of  Quezon Province. The Island consists of jaw dropping Islets, the most famous now is the eye candy Island of Balesin, we all know that we can't step our foot in the Island without an invite from a member or unless you're holding aces to get a membership, well I hope someday it'll be opened to public. Aside from Balesin Island there are quite a few numbers of stunning Island comparable to the said private resort some are still off to tourist radar. Lucky me that I happened to have a friend from Polillo Island and invited me for a 4D/3N vacation, who am I to reject that golden offer? free accommodation, breakfast lunch and dinner were generously provided with Merienda in between meal, Itinerary was never my problem, haggling moments were off my hands, what else could I asked for? Everything happened while "Dont worry, be happy" of Bobby Mcferrin was playing in the background, hell yeah!

My trip to Utopian Paradise started at 12 midnight, we headed to Raymond's Bus Terminal in Legarda to catch the midnight trip to Infanta, Quezon. It was a 4 hour dusky trip to Quezon province appreciating its curvy route, well I'd rather have this curvy/bumpy route than travel at 12 noon where the sun is burning hot. We arrived at around 5am, we were welcome by this picturesque view of the Infanta's sun rise, this scene was just priceless and it somehow reminds me of Aurora Borealis of the north that someday I want to witness.

A small cargo vessels are the mode of transportation if you're heading to Polillo Island, after the registration and settling all the ship fare for the five of us we immediately embarked to our medium of transport, two to three hours was the duration of the voyage depending on the condition of the sea.
The sun has started to its scorching ray but we didn't mind, if you're working in an environment that requires you to sit the entire day you really won't mind the searing heat of the sun especially in the middle of the sea looking at the realm of the horizon.

The travel goes smooth until we reached Polillo Island,it was around 8am when we reached the Island, since my friend is a local of Polillo I assumed he already contacted someone to assist us from the port to their residence, the family started a warm welcome to their guests by preparing a mouthful dish of sea food we all savored, we imagined how pricy it was if you order crabs and prawns from a fancy restaurant in Manila, I bet it will empty all our pockets, but snap back we got these potbellied seafood free of charge. Sorry I missed to take a photo, familiar of the moment when you're famished and the food finally arrived yeah?

On all counts I'm completely aware of stunning beaches in propinquity of Polillo Island specifically the mainstream beaches within Burdeos little did I know that I'll soon be witnessing a paradise that hasn't been in the public eye, my first stop was Minasawa Bird Sanctuary. A beach prominent as a cradle of migratory birds and a unique pebbled beach that makes it more appealing to the tourist, 45 minutes - 1 hour is the approximate time in getting around the Island.

Minasawa Island

I used a round shaped goggles that covered my eyes and nose made my aqua mania activity more enjoyable, I was able to see the underwater pebbles clearly. The crystalline image of this beach is perfect for swimming and snorkeling, just be mindful of your belongings since there was no accommodation available in the vicinity of this Island, just set up your tent in the shade of trees and you're good to go, a hammock would also be nice

Pulong Kokok

The second Island we visited was Pulong Kokok, I really didn't know why they call it like that I didn't bother digging more information and enjoyed my side trip instead. We visited the Island after Minasawa when the sun suddenly hid and showed a sign of emminent forthcoming rain and in addition to that the high tide was fast approaching, I couldn't justify the natural beauty of the Island I'm afraid.  
I know the image of the Island could have been better if we didn't had such predicament along the way or if I'm at least using better camera unit. The Island was really eye catching, it was somewhat similar to the famous Isla de Gigantes of Iloilo City, the sand bar was wide and long enough to accommodate several group of tourists. I hope I can go back without any form of typhoon or rain shower and get a better shots of this Island though.

 Look at that charming fine white sand, according to our boatman this powdery sand bar is comparable to Balesin's.

Bato Beach

This Beach lies in the coastline of Agta point in Barangay Kalubakis, the Island is abundant with beautiful marine landmarks beyond the knowledge of the urban society. Bato Beach is different from the other Islands of Polillo, far from the white sand of Pulong Kokok and pebbled beach of Minasawa, Bato beach has a fine brown sand with perfectly clear water. The color of its sand is not too appealing but the water was so clear that you would think that it was untouched.

This local kid was shy to look at the camera but she was seemed pleased to see a unfamiliar faces swimming along their coastline, she kept looking at my camera I tend not to notice but when I asked her to pose she hurriedly turn her back on me and pretended she was busy fishing. Whoever you are cute little girl, this is your shot.

Polillo Island is far beyond the urbane living of Metro Manila, the people are simple yet they know how to value every little resources available. Without exception I want to commend the locals of Polillo Island (Baranggay Libjo) for your warm welcome especially to Pera Family who look after our every needs, I couldn't thank you enough for the great hospitality you've shown, another reason why locals of Quezon are always my first choice, makes me thinsk of part two adventure to the remaining Islets I missed to visit. Once again thanks Poland (Polillo Island).



-12MN Bus bound to Infanta Port ₱160

-5AM Boat ride to Polillo Island ₱200

-Tricyle to the host family residence

Day 1

- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided by Pera Family

- Tricycle going to Bato Beach in Barangay Kalubakis ₱200 Roundtrip (45 minute Tricycle ride)

- Entrance Fee ₱20 (Adult) ₱10 (12 years old below)

Day 2

- Social with the locals

Day 3

- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided by Pera Family

- Motorcycle ride going to Languyin bay, we didn't pay for it since we used a private vehicle (2 hour travel)

- From Languyin Bay we hired a boat going to Pulong Kokok and Minasawa Island Bird Sanctuary ₱1,600 for group of five, ₱320 per individual (2 hour travel)


- I only spent less than ₱2,000 for the entire trip, the food were free of charge but it still won't cause you too much even if you shoulder your food expenses, I guarantee the resources were really cheap.

- I came across a group that provides tour packages through the islands of Burdeos. You may contact  Polillo Travellers and arrange a tour.

- Seafood are their everyday meal.

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