Pulong Kokok Burdeos, Polillo Island Quezon

Before closing the curtains of my Polillo Islands escape let me show you the last aqua adventure we had. We set off for another Island hopping since can't get enough of our Maniwaya Island econcounter so another island hopping would be a great suggestion, we navigated off to another Island carrying a strange name called Pulong Kokok. Pulong Kokok is another place that's not well known to the public eyes, and if you’re asking me where did it get its name from? I didn’t even know.

As our boat maneuvered off to another island the sky was noticeably clouded over, I was afraid of having a rain encounter in the middle of our 2 hour boat ride considering that we were paddling in the edge of the pacific ocean, luckily the clouded sky stayed as it was, we set our foot to Pulong Kokok without a hassle.


The island is another new discovery for me, I barely got a detailed information of this island even through the net nonetheless I was not really impressed on its cleanliness, I probably didn't appreciate the trash left by the previous travelers who visited the Island especially the burnt firewood from their bonfire, I just don't get the logic as to why they preferred to camp on this sand bar, of all Islands in Burdeos? Why Pulong Kokok? If I happened to throw a candy wrapper it'll be visibly obvious that's how small the island is, It's not even an Island in the first place this is just a sand bar, don't get me wrong folks, I'm not discouraging anyone to set a bonfire but you have to at least bury the ashes from your backpacker wanna be moments. I know the Island could have been more pleasing with unhidden sun and without those trash in sight.

I swam for 20minutes and decided to end our last Island visit, I will still consider going back to Pulong Kokok, it gained popularity to the locals of Polillo and I know someday I will witness the glimpse of its serene beauty, hoping a clear cloudless sky on my next visit though, wink!



For all the travelers who would wish to camp out in Pulong Kokok please manage to throw your trash in a right disposal or keep it until you get back to your jump off point for the benefit of the future visitors, you will not wish to set your foot in an Island full of trash, do you?

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