Minasawa Island Bird Sanctuary Burdeos, Polillo Island

After my Bato Beach (Polillo Island) encounter we worked against the clock and set off toward our next destination, the Minasawa Island Bird Sanctuary. An off beaten Island in the municipality of Burdeos, the beautiful pebbled beach revealed its perfect beauty reckon the extreme hospitality of the locals who guided us in this across the ocean adventure. 2 hour boat ride from our jump off point via small boat (uncovered), in less than 20 minutes my skin tone noticeably changed, our guide manuevered the boat at 12noon, mind you.
This is one of my favorite beaches in Polillo Group of Islands, a dwelling sanctuary of migratory bird species beyond the bustling settlements of human. I didn't bother visiting the sanctuary itself, without my presence I just let the bird kingdom at peace, I didn't want to threaten the creatures on their enclaved territory.
Apart from the presence of different bird species what I enjoyed on the Island was its clear water, the fusion of enticing body water and the pebbled sand was indeed a perfect combo. Our company enjoyed the quick refreshing lunch by the beach, we just set the tarpaulin off the surface of the shaded sand and we're good.

I hope we can maintain the serenity of the Island or at least preserve the present and improve what we have for the future, the greatest contribution we can give would be our own sense of responsibility, let's enjoy and have some fun at the same time preserve the beauty of nature.


- No Island fee
- Within Municipality of burdeos, Island hopping is possible

- No restroom or accommodation

- No electricity

- itching of tent is possible

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