Bato Beach, Baranggay Kalubakis Polillo, Quezon

As part of my Polillo Escapade researching and looking for a prospective subject can be the hardest part well I must say not only in this trip but everytime I go out of town. The expenses, itinerary, and the contact person cannot be Philipgone oblivious. in this Backpacking journey my hands were of thinking about the itinerary and contact person since I luckily have a friend invited me for a quick getaway so who am i to refuse? Without further roundabout let me share show you how we painted the town red.

Our first stop- Bato Beach

Bato beach is situated along the coastline of Agta point in Barangay kalubakis, we drove our way from Barangay Libjo where my friend resides, an hour away from Bato Beach. Along the way we witnessed the great rocky coastline of Barangay Bucao and had some photos taken, soon as we reached the resort we immediately dropped our bags and dipped thorugh the crystal water of the of Bato Beach.

The fine brown sand was not exceptionally charming compare to the other islands I had visited in the past however the water was indeed beyond my expectation. It was 5pm when we arrivedso it's acceptable that I couldn't capture a brighter image of it, I have all the excuse in the world right?

We wrapped things up before 6pm, my body didn't want to leave and pull itself up from the dipping but my brain overpowered, we had leave and consider the intricate path doing back before it gets dark. After all, it was a satisfying experience, I will surely go back to this beach paradise if i come across another Polillo Escapade.



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