Pahiyas Festival 2015 Lucban Quezon

Aside from my dream of visiting the 7,107 island of the Philippines I also thought of including all the Philippine Festivals in my bucket list (nothing's impossible), this is something that every Filipinos should try or at least have a glimpse of the few acclaimed feasts in our country . I've always wanted to visit any of the Philippines Local Festivals in each region/province commemorating their patron saint. It gives me a deep interest to witness each unique themed festival and experience the high spirited aura together with the attendees.

A week ago I came to visit one of the most recognized festivities in the philippines, the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban Quezon, wherein rice was in the lime light and put in the highest pedestal, whether it's rice grain, rice leaves or any decorations made out rice was there, amongst the famous is Kiping (a colorful decoration made from rice flour). They were celebrating one of the predominant food that every Filipinos couldn't live without "rice". The celebration showcases their gift of creativity summate their rich culture.

We stirred the wheel and proceeded to this grandiose event in Lucban Quezon after we broke half of our skeletal muscles in Mt.Romelo, after 2 days of hiking in an up and down trail of Mt.Romelo it was rather refreshing seeing an extravagantly decorated houses made of Kiping, the festive hype in mid summer May were lingering towards us reckon the numerous people who attended the annual event.

Things to do in Pahiyas Festival
- Grilled Kiping is a must try
- Grilled Lucban Longganisa on the side walk
- Watch the procession of Lucban's finest
- Save your cam's battery picture perfect houses decorated with kiping.
- Visit kamay ni Jesus
- Try Lucban's delicacies
- Vendors are selling Pansit HabHab along the side walk

How to get there?

- Jac Liner Bus station in cubao bound to Lucena Grand Terminal (around 200Php)
- From Lucena Grand Terminal ride a jeepney bound to Lucban (around 30Php)

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