Old Buruwisan Falls- Mt. Romelo, Siniloan Laguna

I pursued umpteen tries to make this trip possible, Mt.Romelo is just situated in Siniloan Laguna just a short proximity from Manila but due to my inflexible schedule I came to visit it later than I expected. I read countless of good feedback about this Falls haven, the 7 famous waterfalls namely: Buruwisan Falls, Sampaloc Falls, Lanzones Falls, Batya Batya Falls, Sapang Labo, Old Buruwisan Falls and Twin Falls. They say it's for newbie mountaineers, really? Yes I certainly agree for Buruwisan,Batya Batya or Lanzones trail, assuredly a piece of cake but wonder why most of the blogs are only featuring Lanzones, Batya Batya or Buruwisan Falls? well I bet they haven't set their foot on old Buruwisan and Twin Falls trail (me thinking) having said that I dare all the true blue adventure seekers to try these trails all the way down then tell me confidenly if it's for newbie, but what if they really try and confirmed it's for newbie? That might be a bit embarrassing in my end hahaha so nevermind!

Our Escapade started at 4am, we headed to Robinson's Ortigas to catch the 5am bus bound to Infanta Quezon, I was expecting a bus terminal in the nearness then I realized that I was just pushing my luck, there's no bus terminal in the route we took, in a nutshell, there's no specific schedule or what not, once the bus arrived and you missed it then sorry. Everything was fast paced, soon as we set our foot infront of the pick up point just right in time the bus bound to Infanta arrived and just like that we're heading to Famy Laguna, it was indeed fast like if we happened to delay any of our morning routine surely we could have missed the bus.

After 2 hours of smooth voyage we reached Famy Laguna, from Famy Bus Terminal we hired a tricycle going to Barangay Macatad (the starting point) and had our name registered in the entrance.

We entrained our way for this year's first mountain hike, we didn't expect much of a muddy trail since it's mid May and the heat of summer vibe is roasting us alive in Manila but guess what? it rained, we're extra lucky that we didn't bring waterproof bags. We continued the hike and reached the campsite in nearly two hours. We originally planned to pitch our tent on the camp site to reduce the travel expense yet we opted to rent an overnight accommodation as we later found out that it would be hard to pitch the tent without a sleeping mat in it since the surface of the land was somewhat rocky and uneven.

Mt.Romelo has a lot to offer, one can visit all the famous waterfalls through out the area however it might take a day or two to completely satisfy the entire trip through all the Falls provided.

After a 30 minute breather we headed down to Buruwisan Falls, our guide aforementioned that Buruwisan was completely dry during summer season so we didn't expect much, but roaring with burstful of water from June till September.

Above is the famous Buruwisan Falls, this image fits the famous tagalog line "Mas malakas pa ang ihi ko" After Buruwisan Falls , we advanced and visit Lanzones Falls. Here we stayed the longest, I perfectly enjoyed our dip in Lanzones Falls, it's really fun that we were the only group for at least an hour, our guide happily left us after receiving the guide fee (That's the not so happy part) We took advantage of the situation though and had one of our bucket lists done, SKINNY DIPPING! No one's around and we were all butt naked. 

Above is the image of Lanzones Falls. We started to panic when we lost track going back to the campsite, I mentioned that our guide left us once we reached Lanzones falls, luckily we met a group of mountaineers who helped us finding our way back to the campsite. It was 12nn when we got finally got, we were worried sick that our guide left us, note that we planned for an overnight stay and we can't count the remaining hours staring at each other right? On that desperate moment we tried and approached the guide from the other group if he could join our company once they finished their planned itinerary, he simply agreed without a trace of hesitation, his name is Kuya June.

The real deal started when we hike down the challenging trail of the Old Buruwisan Falls, It has just opened to public last April 2015. Unaware of what's waiting ahead of us, we were caught off guard in middle of the trail when we realized how dangerous it seemed, a death defying vertical trail downhill without harness or rope to support you, our lives relied on our own strength and to the exposed roots we carefully stepped on, I was thinking of going back atop but It's too late, had no Idea of what I'm getting myself into. When I finished the trail down I breathe a sigh of relief, then I realized that I had to rack another hike up to go back the camp, there's no other way to do it but to do it again, sorry that I sound a little chicken, I'm just not really into this.

Perks of being a traveler is you got to experience what this world has to offer and embrace the unforeseen opportunities along the way. In this trip we learned to push ourselves beyond the safe line, along the way we also met a group high spirited travelers (Jason, Arnel and Dan) strangers that turned to be our new set friends, thanks guys for making this trip extra memorable, we're looking forward for more trips with you guys.

Every trip is uniquely different from each other, it gives uniquely different experience that pushes me to explore harder without slightest touch of dubiety. Thanks Mt.Romelo I'll see you again.

Our itinerary and expenses

- 5am at Robinson's Ortigas via AH Bus bound to Famy Laguna - Around 90 
- From Famy Laguna hire a tricycle going to Brgy. Macatad
- Register at the jump off point - ₱50
- Hire a guide- ₱300
- You may ride a horse going to the campsite if you're not fond of hiking-  300
- Accomodation is available - ₱300/night

Note that convenient store is available on the campsite but I suggest to have your grocery done beforehand to lessen the expenses, the price is unreasonably expensive believe me.

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