Kabigan Falls, Baloi Ilocos Norte

My mom always strikes a note and frequently summon a bit of reminders whenever I visit unknown destinations, she warned me of the notorious urban legend causing annual and untimely death due to drowning of those who visited rivers and falls especially out of the public eye destinations, that's just a word of mouth that has been passed through generations, an uncanny belief that hasn't obliterated amongst the elders of our modern era but of course  there's nothing wrong being overly cautious.

As a second stop for my Ilocandia tour I came to visit Kabigan Falls, this is one of the famous tourist attractions in Ilocos Norte so I assumed that alleged mythical creatures were already disturbed by the time I visited the Falls (to at least intensify my confidence). After spending couple of hours in a scenic beach of Pagudpud we went ahead and visited Kabigan falls, located in the eastern side of Barangay Baloi 20 minute tricycle ride from Saud Beach resort. The falls is surrounded by a massive Forrest grove that requires 20-30 minute trek from the entry point depending on how fast you are, in our case we performed a brisk walking and made it in 15 minutes.

There were mini stores offering snacks and souvenirs through the trail of Kabigan falls so there's no way to have an unfilled tummy, we also bought and tried the lumpiang Pansit along the way, it was good. 

After 15 minutes of brisk walking we reached Kabigan Falls, seeing the 80 feet tall waterfalls that drops into a basin was pretty much gratifying. I wasted no time and had a dip, by that time I was oblivious of my mom's reminder, don't get me wrong folks, there's no mythical creature what so ever that dwells in Kabigan Falls I was just emphasizing how my mom nags at me, going back to my story Kabigan Falls reminds me of Taytay Falls, the water was surprisingly cold but once you dip your entire body the freezing sensation will slowly fade. The water was not clear as the other falls I've seen but somewhat clean.

Just like the other places I've visited, seeing the naturally structured waterfalls situated in a vast Forrest was undeniably pleasing.I really enjoyed my quick stay and will absolutely plan for part two visit, I'll prioritize Tanap Avis and kaangrian Falls in the future since I never had even a quick glance of these places. I'll leave nothing else but good memories in Kabigan Falls.

Good to know facts:

Registration fee: 20
-Guide Fee: Depending on how much you're willing to give
-No restroom near the waterfalls
-Restroom available on the registration area

-20 minute trek from the starting point

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