Bantay Abot Cave, Ilocos Norte

It was a 20 minute tricycle ride from Saud Beach Pagudpud we reached Bantay Abot Cave (₱20 Entrance Fee), the name was kind of unusual with literally odd Tagalog words combined as a name but after asking my Ilocono friends I found out that the words Bantay and Abot has its different meaning far from its literal Tagalog definition; In Ilocono ‘Bantay’ Means Mountain and ‘Abot” means Hole, therefore why do they call it a Cave? Though for me it looks like a cave than a mountain, a bit contradicting huh. Anyone care to explain? I would love to hear it from you, Wink*.

We walked down a steep path together with the other tourists, it was difficult to get a shot without the presence of strangers or the other way around, surely we exchanged the same thoughts and I'm sure that I have good numbers of images on their shots too.

We had another quick glimpse of Bantay Abot, a great view of mountain/cave like coastline with a perfectly relaxing welcoming gust of sea breeze. There’s also an area of disseminated rock formations which was truly a great venue to get your camera lenses around. 

A few walks away from Bantay Abot Cave you’ll reach Timmangtang Rock, also situated along the same seashore. Among all the places I’ve visited in Ilocos Region so far this is the most unique, not that I like it the best but the picturesque view of this landmark was distinct compare to others

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