Calle Crisologo, Ilocos Sur- The Heritage Village

We all came exhausted to spot the best of Ilocos Region and when we say the best of Ilocos Region, the first in line is Calle Crisologo. With a piece of scarcely poor knowledge I'd written an article discussing some brief details about Calle Crisologo on my stringed dog-eared journal back in High school, days when literacy in the virtual worlds hasn't taken over my system (meaning no internet sources) I made it as my topic for our class discussion, now for the second time funny that I'm writing in a virtually bigger venue, I should make this far better than my first article without any form of excuses especially now that I walked my feet into it, by the way my article back in 2004 was a complete trash believe me.

Calle Crisolo truly speaks the rich legacy of the past, your eyes will be in great admiration of the Spanish resembled houses along the street of Calle Crisologo, feels like you're travelling back in time. A primary attraction in Vigan that houses the attractive 16th century Spanish Colonial heritage village, the featured houses were footprints of their elite status symbol that remains unruffled. The illuminating night light in the street of Calle Crisologo gives nostalgic ambiance plus the passing Horse carriage (Kalesa) was truly splendid, antique themed boutiques, Deli and Museums also stands in the street.

The small town of Vigan in the northwestern part of the Philippines has been dubbed as the New7Wonders Cities and Unesco World Heritage Site, the immense history and well preserved structures of Vigan makes it a standout place beyond the usual, something we can really be proud of. 

We explored at night not because we chose to, we just didn't have an option since it was the only time available to stroll around the town, after a tiring walk and photo taking session in Calle Crisologo, a few giant steps away from that street we reached the famous Plaza Empanada, the authentic empanada of Vigan for only 30 pesos, I bought two and ate like Kodiak Alaskan Bear.

Even though I barely spent too much time in Calle Crisologo I felt the undeviating cultural richness of the town, a living testament that you can always travel back in time (not literally) without spending too much. I will look forward for more escapades like this in the future.

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